Is There a Real Choice?... Does America Really Want a Choice?... One Can Only Hope...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Please forgive my cynicism. Well, actually don't bother. You see we live in the 21'st century where the 30 second soundbite is all important.

Substance and clarity of purpose and principle no longer matter. Today's mantra is to "satisfy the immediate desires no matter the ultimate cost or logical end may be."

We will as a nation reap exactly that which we have so callously demanded. Not to fear, big brother/sister state will after all solve all of our problems. Right?

When the producers have stopped producing, what then?... Blank response.............

Perhaps when it is too late, after our American manufacturing infrastructure {I've worked in manufacturing management all my adult life} has been sold to the highest bidder, maybe then America will get it. Don't hold your breath.

As we move into a new election cycle the comedy of errors, and the clown like candidates continue to amuse me. But, such is the 30 second soundbite. That and the sheeple mentality.

But hey, who needs to actually exercise a cogent thought process? The MSM {aka: LSM} will do all that for us, Right?

Okay, it's late. Time for all to have our fun. In the meantime the clock is ticking. Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc- Tic-Toc...

... and the beat goes on.

Good Night.

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