Herman Cain Suspends His Presidential Campaign

By Proof

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Herman Cain, the affable and sometimes controversial candidate for president has suspended his presidential campaign.

ATLANTA — An unapologetic and defiant Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign on Saturday, pledging that he “would not go away,” even as he abandoned hope of winning the Republican nomination. Instead, Mr. Cain announced what he called a “Plan B,” continued advocacy of his tax and foreign policy plans.

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Mr. Cain said. “Because of the continued distractions, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we are not fighters. Not because I’m not a fighter.”

Mr. Cain, his wife at his side and adamantly professing his innocence, went out much the way he came in. The circus-like atmosphere – complete with numerous postponements, barbeque, a blues band and supporters in colonial-era dress – was in keeping with the campaign’s irreverence and disarray since its inception: Mr. Cain, a self-styled rebel, announced his intention to run earlier this year at a rally, also in Atlanta, with the nonsensical phrase, “Aw, shucky ducky!”

He interjected life into the campaign with his 9-9-9 plan, but repeated "bimbo eruptions" to use the Clinton era phrase, apparently doomed his credibility.

Perhaps there will be a place for Cain in the next Republican administration?

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  1. Cain, while initially a interesting candidate with marginally credible ideas ultimately proved himself lacking the level of credibility needed to lead a nation.

    Not unlike the current occupant of the oval office and his predecessor.

    Truthfully, the quality of candidates running for the nations highest elective office is sadly lacking. Remember the dumbing down of America debate? Well...

  2. Well, Cain is out. At least he was trying new ideas (though is 999 plan had no hope or prayer, it got us looking at alternative, now we're back to the class warfare as usual) and being a major thorn in the establishment. Now we're going to be left with nothing but RINO's and Old Boys Club Establishment types. I find this disheartening for two reasons. One, the one person that wouldn't be bidden to the special interests and established political machine is gone leaving us with the some of lesser than two evils choices (isn't this what we had LAST time?), and two, how the status quo,especially the Democrat machine, establishment can influence and crush anyone that dare oppose them. Bill Clinton did far worse than what he was ALLEGED and, like Anita Hill who's witnesses were her worse enemies, these "ladies" didn't have a shred of evidence or credibility. Yet the media has HIM having a lack of credibility. Women will say anything to destroy a man and we take their word for it. Just ask any married man, I'll wager 80% will agree their wives do the same thing. No outsiders will throw a monkey wrench in the political machine by both parties. With all at stake in 2012, this doesn't instill any confidence that things will get better no matter who wins, and I think the majority of people are going to feel the same.
    Now it will be a two horse race between Mittens who has the spine of a jellyfish (and left and independents think CAIN has credibility problems), and Newt who is the personification of the fat, evil, rich white guy that the left have their minions fearing and heck is even endorsed by Bill Clinton (do you need more that he's going to be a disaster when one of our worse president in character likes him?). With Mittens, we get BO lite (assuming he even wins), with Newt, Obama wins in a landslide not seen since 1984.

  3. RN: Yeah. One of the things Cain had going for him was that he was just as qualified if not more than the current C-in-C. The bad thing is, that's a pretty low bar.

    HLW: if it truly comes down to Mitt and Newt, my money's on Newt.

  4. Just spent some time over at HuffPo. The article I read about Cain's departure from the race has a comments section that must be read to be believed. Liberals are a rude bunch, aren't they?

  5. These allegations just hastened Cain's departure. Yes, 999 was novel and gave people something more than platitudes. But that's what did him in. Once you put out a definitive proposal, it immediately comes under attack. It was first attacked by the number crunchers who said it wouldn't raise enough revenue. Then it got nailed as a middle class tax increase (which it was and which it should be). Cain wasn't prepared to defend it. Nor could the naive simplicity of equal marginal rates on three different types of taxes be justified on any economic basis.

    Cain is out because he proved himself incapable of running damage control - a required skill for any politician, especially a Republican.

    Newt has too much baggage. He inspired millions with his Contract with America. Then recall that many of those things never came to pass. Republicans who made personal vows of term limits broke them. Once in power, strong Republicans fell into corruption. They conspired with Slick Willy on expansion of home ownership which led to the recent crisis. They also conspired to cut the military every year they were in office. We cashed that check on 9/11.

    Newt is smart and experienced - everything Zero isn't. But he's an old fuddy duddy. I'm not sure the swing voters will go for that. I'm afraid we will see a repeat of 1996 if Newt is nominated. I would trust him as president, but I don't think he will ever sit in that chair.

    There is no "establishment" candidate here. It's a figment of an overactive imagination. It's just a very weak field.

    I read the other day that this has been the cheapest Republican primary thus far. I would wager the GOP had everyone agree to limit ads to conserve cash for the general election. That is where the establishment has been effective. The debates have helped thin the field without a lot of mudslinging.

    Now it comes down to campaign organization, and Gingrich is weak. If i recall, his team left him. He might have gained some talent since his resurgence.

    Romney still demonstrates the most capable fundraising and campaign organization. I know he's hated here, I know why, and i partially agree. He's still polling ahead of Obama and Newt is not.

    I'm guessing Romney/Pawlenty in the general election, making a play for Midwestern states and assuming they will lose Iowa. Obama will choose a woman for VP. Most likely it will be Debbie Wasserman Schultz - making a play for Florida.

  6. Chakam: Are you trying to tell us that they haven't "moved on" when it's "just sex"?

  7. Nick Rowe,

    You said:
    "There is no "establishment" candidate here. It's a figment of an overactive imagination. It's just a very weak field."

    You honestly do not view Romney as the GOP establishment anointed one? I'm not asking this to be a butthead. I mean, seriously, you don't see that about Romney?


    The MSM learned their manners well when Clinton was sticking cigars into interns and staining their blue dress with his spunk. Their sycophantic and rabid sheeple, (the faithful readers of the HuffPo and numerous other State-run media outlets), are too drunk with joy and relief that a black Conservative is no longer threatening their Anointed One. So, to show their jubilation, they gather in large numbers and circle-jerk their vitriolic comments with gleeful impudence and arrogant abandon.

  8. Chakam...I refuse to read the comments at Huffpo. I barely find Huffpo worthy of my time and thus I reserve it for those times when I have seen the paint completely dry. I only use that site to remind myself of who the enemy is.

    Yes, they are a very nasty bunch of human beings and not nearly the open minded PC bunch that they think they are. In fact- I find them rather narrow and oppressive.

  9. Brian - I disagree. The HuffPo crowd have extremely open minds. So much so they accept every irrational line of anti reason that is floating about in cyberspace and elsewhere.

    What they lack is a active mind. One in which critical thinking has a home. Not all mind you but a certain number.

    But as I think about it the same can be said of certain elements of the far right as well and their ability to think critically.

  10. Les, you said: "as I think about it the same can be said of certain elements of the far right as well and their ability to think critically."

    Can you say, Chuck? Through Chuck's rants and behavior here we all got a glimpse into the knee-jerk unthinking right side of things (it's not a pretty sight).

  11. Yes Tim, Chuck came to mind. Although, thinking outside of the box here, Chuck could have been a far left wacko whose purpose it was to create a disruptive and uncivil environment on a conservative sight.

    Far fetched perhaps. However, I am quite familiar with a former republican conservative turned far out left radical who in fact is intelligent enough to visit conservative sights and do just that.

    At any rate it appears as Troll-B-Gone worked.


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