A Gallon of Gas for a Dime? That's Nothing!

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Remember when Ron Paul tried to make a big to do in one of the debates, about being able to buy a gallon of gas for a dime? That's nothing! Well, if you'd taken that dime in 1938 and bought a dime's worth of gas, today it would be a varnish deposit on the bottom of your gas can. Here's what a wise investment of a dime would have brought you:

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Action Comics No. 1 sells for record $2.16m

The issue, graded at 9.0, was auctioned starting Nov. 11 online at www.comicconnect.com. The starting bid was just $1 but there was a reserve price of $900,000. Neither the name of the buyer nor seller was disclosed.

It's the first time a comic book has broken the $2 million barrier. The issue was published in 1938 and cost just 10 cents.

"When we broke the record in 2010 by selling the Action Comics No. 1, graded at 8.5, for $1.5 million, I truly believed that this was a record that would stand for many years to come," said Stephen Fishler, CEO of ComicConnect.com and Metropolis Collectibles.

That is, of course, if your Mom didn't happen to throw them all out!

...About 100 copies of Action Comics No. 1 are believed to be in existence, and only a handful of those in good condition.

Two point one six million dollars? Mom, I coulda bought you a lot of breakfasts in bed for that kinda cash!

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