Christine Todd Whitman to Jon Huntsman: Run Third Party

By Proof

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Question: "What is the word most closely associated with the Jon Huntsman campaign?"

Answer: "Who?"

Yes. Jon Huntsman, the candidate you know virtually nothing about (and many of you don't care to), whose name his own campaign tends to misspell, is being urged by Christine Todd Whitman to run third party. Your next question to that may well be "who is she?".

Christine Todd Whitman was the RINO head of the EPA under former President George W. Bush. From her wikipedia bio:

In 1993, Whitman helped to found the Committee for Responsible Government (CRG), a political advocacy group espousing moderate positions in the Republican Party. (In 1997, the CRG softened its pro-choice stance and renamed itself the Republican Leadership Council.)...During the 2008 presidential election, Whitman was touted by the media as a candidate for a Cabinet position under both Barack Obama and John McCain

Wow. Google "squishy Republican" and see if her name isn't at the top of the list. But, back to her "sage" advice to Mr. Huntsman. Could someone please tell me what the primary process is for? We have squishy RINOs telling Huntsman when (and not if) he loses to "go third party". We have Ron Paul coyly not saying whether or not he is considering a third party run when (not if) he loses in the primaries. I guess my question is, if these people want to run as Republicans, at what point do they accept the fact that a majority of Republicans have chosen someone else? I'm sure the Obama campaign would be delighted if every one of the failed candidates on the Right were to continue to campaign up until November. Every attack ad run after the primaries is one less he has to run. Every vote cast for the losers of the primaries (Yes, I said losers, and I meant it.) is one less to give the standard bearer of the Republican Party, who has the strongest if not only chance to defeat Obama.

If there's a retirement home for RINOs, let's put Christine there. Jon can come to visit her on the weekends. He's going to have a lot of time on his hands to do things like that really soon.

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  1. Ron Paul is a viable third party candidate. Especially when the republicrat party nominates the next RINO...

  2. What is your thought if Huntsman goes third party while Paul is still slugging it out in the primaries? If Huntsman stakes out a "third" party run, would Paul be perceived as staking out a "fourth"? And would this affect the level of support he might expect?

  3. Good question. I don't see it as effecting Paul's suppprt but it does change the landscape for Paul. I don' believe a 4'th party candidate is going to happen. Not a bad idea, the U.S. just isn't ready for it yet.


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