Another Virginia Tech Shooting - Two killed

By: Wes Messamore

The Washington Post reports:

'A Virginia Tech police officer was fatally shot Thursday during a routine traffic stop on the Blacksburg campus and a second person was found slain in a nearby parking lot after the gunman fled, the university reports.

The Associated Press, citing an unnamed law enforcement official, is reporting that the person found dead in the parking lot is the gunman who killed the officer. At a news conference late this afternoon, neither state police nor university officials would confirm that the dead man was the suspect.

But the authorities said there no longer was a threat on campus and they lifted an afternoon-long lockdown.

Earlier, a campus-wide message warned students, “Stay indoors. Secure in place.”

There are no classes today at the university, as students have a reading day to prepare for finals, which were to begin Friday. University officials postponed Friday’s exams.'

Source: Memeorandum

Sometimes there are just no words to express the shock and sadness at news like this.

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  1. Prayers to the family of the fallen police officer.

    Even now, I am quite sure, both FOX and MSNBC are awaiting to see if the shooter was a Democrat or a Republican.

    Has it come to this?


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