(VIDEO) South Park Take on the #OccupyWallStreet Protests

By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm likely late to this but better late than never.

Absolutely love the Michael Moore segment, replete with sagging beer gut, bullhorn...

Leave it to South Park.

Hat-tip Libertarian Patriot.

Updated: None other than Howard Stern measured the average mental acumen of the... average Occupy Wall Street protester. It's not a pretty sight, (NSFW, coarse language):


  1. I'd like to see the whole episode. Looks like they captured the essence of the movement.

  2. "Looks like they captured the essence of the movement. "
    And the media hype too!

  3. Me too, RK, I'm not the biggest South Park fan but I do love the show from time to time.

  4. Love it!. I've always been surprised that SP has has done little more to the tea party than a short aside. Closet tea baggers, maybe?

  5. Funny stuff.

    Are you going to the meetup on the 18th?

  6. Hey Trestin, I'm really going to try to but not sure I can. Can you email me at left coast rebel at gmail dot com?


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