(VIDEO) Don Boudreaux: Why I Am A Libertarian

By the Left Coast Rebel

The essence of what it means to be a libertarian also applies to the tenets of classical liberalism and true limited-government conservatism. It (obviously) does not apply to liberalism/progressivism, "neo"-conservatism and the varying stripes of statism that comprise our national body politic today:

FYI: Don Boudreaux blogs at CafeHayek.com, is an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute and a professor of economics at George Mason University.

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  1. Tim - The concept and practice of limited government IS "classical liberalism."

    Conservatism is not the same as classical liberalism. If you study history you will find that conservatism is the vehicle that most quickly finds its way to fascism. Which as you know is nothing more than a form of socialism.

    Even Ayn Rand viewed herself as more a liberal {in the classical sense} than a conservative on the grounds I just mentioned. Ayn Rand has been misunderstood and misrepresented by both political ideologies. Both to their discredit and our loss IMO.

    Libertarianism, which I view in part as consistent with my philosophy is, in its full and complete realization anarchy. Which is why Rand was not an advocate of Libertarianism.

    Labels are confining, often misunderstood, and easily manipulated.

    Classical liberalism is the code of principles and values this nation was founded on. Conservatism was not. For had our founding fathers been conservatives the Tory's would have won the day. IE: We would still be English subjects if you will.


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