Tea Party vs. #Occupy in One Word:

By Proof

"Civilization". The Tea Party was dissatisfied with the status quo, with politicians ignoring them and ignoring the Constitution. They assembled peacefully, stated their goals and worked to change the system from within.

The #Occupy movement is dissatisfied with the status quo, but is given to violence and vandalism. Incidents of robbery, rape and sexual assault have risen in every city and area with an Occupy Anarchy mob.

The Tea Party is the essence of civilization. They rally around an ideal and ideas and seek to change the process at the voting booth. They meet to encourage one another and then go home. Parks where Tea Party rallies were held never had to be cleaned out with a bulldozer.

#Occupy defies police, shuts down businesses, commits acts of vandalism. Just today, I saw pictures of graffiti defacing buildings in Oakland. Smashed ATM screens, broken windows in banks and even the leftie favorite Whole Foods was not immune from the wrath of the mob. They do not seek to debate as much as demand, vote as much as vandalize, restructure as much as riot.

Is it civilized to protest a bank's policy by dumping human waste in a bank lobby? Is it civilized to defecate on a police car? Break windows?? Smash ATM machines??? Today, in my humble opinion, in joining with the occupiers to shut down the port of Oakland, the unions have made a political miscalculation out of desperation. Their membership is in decline and whatever political clout they have is granted them through the policies of the Democrat party. But the unions, like Obama and other Democrats, are hitching their wagon to a movement of miscreants, vandals and malcontents, of lawlessness and licentiousness. Not civilization.

When the time comes to replace the current lot of politicians in Washington (and beyond) next November, will the voters identify with civilized protest or with the occupiers of anarchy? We know that Obama is desperate, because he cannot run on his abysmal record. I suppose the unions are so dependent on the Democrat party that their only hope is to sink or swim with Obama and the lawless.

Good luck with that.

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  1. "When the time comes to replace the current lot of politicians in Washington (and beyond) next November, will the voters identify with civilized protest or with the occupiers of anarchy?"

    Indeed, Proof.

    We all have it recorded that the Obama Regime is sympathetic with the OWS rabble. This is irrefutable fact. This will destroy him in 2012, and it is too late to back out now. Put this together with Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Obama's hinting that he will circumvent Congress...he is going to lose, and lose vastly.

    The thing about these OWS protesters is this: What makes them think that we, on the other side, haven't been taking notes and planning a response to their hatred of America? I mean, you know, anything is possible. Just a thought.

    Some advice: Get out of urban areas and move your families to the middle of the nation, far from big cities and liberal/Socialist cancer. Like Sodom and Gomorrah in the old days.

  2. http://blog.doodooecon.com/2011/10/national-popular-vote-fraud-to-relect.html

    There is a real threat that our votes will not matter by November 2012.

  3. @DDEcon,

    If that actually happens...if it gets to that point...there will be a revolt of epic proportions. And it won't be pretty. The sleeping bear will show his teeth, and the liberals will finally see what they have been asking for all along isn't going to turn out like they thought.

  4. That's exactly what these vermin want. Revolution is not an option. Restoration is our only hope. Brakabama and the rest of the scum are goading the productive people of this country into a fight. If we rise to the bait, it's all over.

  5. @Chuck,

    I disagree.

    How many times should a person allow the schoolyard bully to torment them before they deal decisively with said schoolyard bully?

    How long will we, as Conservatives, allow the Socialist/Democrat Party to foment class warfare, racial warfare, and the blatant agenda-driven vilification of those of us who actually adhere to the Constitution?

    The common theme is,"We can't react. We must persevere. We must tolerate this. If we push back, we are no better than they are." To this I say "rubbish". That mindset leads to the brutal conclusion that we deserve what we tolerate.

    Enough. I say, Enough.

    The cities will become battlefields. The race war will happen. Socialism will raise its head and roar, and when it happens it will be too late for too many.

    But,hey, I'm probably just some freak right-wing doomsday nutjob who thinks the brown shirts are coming. I can live with that. I still sleep very well at night.

    When this thing erupts, (and it will), I'll be vindicated, unfortunately. There is a storm coming, Chuck. A very real storm. And it is approaching with the speed granted to it by the America-hating Democrat Party.

    Long Live the Republic, indeed.


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