(Some of) Liberal Mitt Romney's Greatest Hits

By the Left Coast Rebel

This video has been circling the intertubes for some time now but I thought I would post it because of how how incredibly, stunningly damning it is of the man that the ruling elite insist is the GOP "front runner":

Hat tip Bunlalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom.


Will the real Mitt Romney stand up? (no, not the pretzelly "conservative" one vying for the GOP nomination at the moment).

From the comments here at LCR this week, RightKlik asks several questions that Republican primary voters need to seriously consider (emphasis mine):

Who supports Mitt anyway? I know they leave remarks here and there, but who are these people? How did they get on board with Mitt, and why are they supporting him?

Does Mitt actually have SUPPORTERS, or does his "support" merely consist of misguided people who don't like Obama and don't want to support any of the other Republicans?

What if the Romney campaign was flat broke? How many supporters would he have then?

The only argument I ever hear for Romney is that Obama is a disaster and Romney is the only electable Republican. I don't think anyone has challenged that argument sufficiently.

How do we know Mitt would be more appealing to the voters? What's the evidence?

I'm not endorsing Huntsman at this point, but are we saying that Romney can beat Obama in New Hampshire and Maine, but Huntsman can't?

Romney can beat Obama in Colorado, but Huntsman can't?

Romney can beat Obama in New Mexico, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, and Ohio but Huntsman can't?

Team Romney has created a myth of inevitability that to my estimation is not supported by the facts.


  1. And to think that the Romney connection to the Stanford ponzi scheme hasn't been picked up yet by the LSM.

    Mitt has some 'splainig to do or something will be hitting the fan quite soon.

  2. I haven't followed that one, Chris. Do you have more info on it?

    How's the weekend going? It's raining here....

  3. Things are good, taking it easy. No rain yet but the clouds rolled in and we are expecting some.

    Google Romney Stanford Solamere and you'll find it. Not that he is directly involved but he has some questions to answer.

  4. Video 1: "Damning" I can't think of a more fitting description... Will be spreading that one around "Liberally"!

    @Chris "Google Romney Stanford Solamere"
    very interesting story... Crickets are deafening on that one. I say it needs our help!

  5. Nicely done, Tim. Bravo, sir.

    Now let us see the establishment GOP puppets come to defend their Anointed Champion and tell you that you are guaranteeing an Obama victory by NOT liking Romney.


  6. I'm only a minute thirty five into the first video and I don't think I can stomach any more just now.

    Maybe I'll fortify myself and try again later...

  7. Proof: I know what you mean, as flawed (as a conservative) GWB was, there certainly weren't damning videos of past performances like this. Truly astounding.

  8. Maine already belongs to Obama as does New Mexico and Colorado. New Hampshire matters in only one unlikely electoral scenario. Nevada could matter, but only if the Republican wins both Ohio and Florida.

    Yes, Romney could win Iowa, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. Huntsman would not win Florida, Ohio or Iowa, any of which guarantees an Obama win.

    Huntsman is an outstanding man, but he doesn't have the political organization to pull it off. It isn't a slam dunk for Romney either. Obama is a formidable opponent and he's got Big Labor on his side.

    There are hundreds of thousands of great Americans who would make a better president than any candidate on that stage. But there's not a single one of these great people who wants to run, has a strong base of support, political instincts, executive experience, personal gravitas, charisma, spontaneity, and fundraising capabilities to pull it off.

    Obama was the last dark horse to win a presidential election. Do we really want to pull a candidate out of our asses and throw him against the wall to see if he sticks?

    No. Romney could be president and Huntsman will be Secretary of State. Then Huntsman will be our next president, with Vice President Rubio. Ryan will be Speaker of the House. Then Rubio will be president. And then when we have a 7-2 lock on the Supreme Court or better, we can start rolling this crap back that took eight decades to build.

    Or, we can nominate Hunstman, Gingrich or Cain and lose to Obama. Obama will select our next three Justices and hundreds of federal judges. These judges, now young and in the majority, will block every measure to roll back union power and government programs. Socialists like Kagan and Sotomayor will rule the courts for at least a quarter century.

    If we are really unlucky (or perhaps lucky), Joe Manchin will run for president and win after Obama. Or perhaps some liberal general annointed by Obama will come out of the closet as a Demon Rat. Chelsea Clinton will become NY senator after Schumer retires. Maybe we will retake the White House in 2016 or 2012, but by then the damage will be irreparable.

    The Hispanic vote, empowered by fertile uteruses, lax enforcement of immigration, and unguarded ballot boxes, will start turning large solid-red states like Texas and Florida against us. Then we might never see a Republican president again until the collapse of America.

    You will be wishing for a visit from the Ghost of Elections Past to vote for Romney. You will die miserable old men, bitter and resentful that things didn't go your way even though you knew in your heart of hearts you were right. You will be blaming others for not having the strength of your convictions.

    If Romney is elected, you will moan and stomp tour feet but you will never revisit all the predictions of catastrophe from your gloom and doom hyperbole. With a Republican House and Senate, he can't possibly do more damage than Obama - not a chance.

    You're right. I do not "support" Romney. If there was a viable alternative whose election didn't hang on a wing and a prayer, that person would have my money and my support. You have done nothing to convince me that anyone worth voting for has a snowball's chance in Hell of beating Obama. All you've done is bad mouth Romney with specious garbage. All that negativity will have an impact on morale for the general election. If a small percentage of conservative, moderate, and libertarian voters don't turn out for our candidate in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, or Iowa, it's all over folks.

    Maybe as we get further down the line, a better person will emerge. I live in California, so I don't even plan to vote in the primary- it is a meaningless gesture. I'm more concerned about this relentless hatefest and demonization of a political ally which is self defeating.

  9. If Mittens is our only hope of defeating Obama in the general election, then the republic is doomed either way.

  10. Nick! No offense intended, but you sound like a used car salesman trying to convince us to buy a Chevy Volt!
    I can't see anyone posting here, casting their vote for 0bama! But as I see it, we don't want to hold our nose if we're forced to vote for Mittens! I didn't cast my vote for McCain, I cast my vote against 0bama...
    That's why were in the pickle we're in now. Too many RINOs in our Govt!

  11. .

    And youse guys need to get out there and get all your teaBagging/RepublicanTs friends to the polls on 7 November 2012!!

    Ema Nymton

  12. Republicans aren't going to take any advice from a nasty testicle-sucker like not my NamE.

    I'm a bit perplexed by this:
    "How do we know Mitt would be more appealing to the voters? What's the evidence?"

    Is the obtuseness of the question intentional? "Would be"? One has to ignore an awful lot of very obvious things in the here and now to ask that question.


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