Should Mitt Romney Switch Parties?

The one-term wonder from the People's Republic of Massachusetts doesn't like to, uh, win -- at least not when it comes to beating Democrats:

Gee, Mitt, are you worried that "victory" over Democrats evokes the notion of Jimmy Carter surrendering the White House to Ronald Reagan in 1980? I know you don't want to emulate Reagan, but how far will you go with that attitude?

Folks, the weak-kneed Romney we see today is the toughest Romney we'll ever know. After he wins the GOP nomination, he'll be back at the campfire singing Kumbaya with Democrats faster than you can say "ObamaCare."

If the GOP wants a man in the White House who will compromise with Democrats even before the negotiating begins, Romney is the one.

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  1. I think he was wrong on that in hindsight, but it was a good idea he had about not creating winners and losers. I really dig his perspective. Business is always a better place to cut your teeth than government.

  2. Romney shouldn't need the benefit of hindsight to know that it's incredibly foolish to criticize his own party for merely trying to win with ideas.

    Unfortunately, Romney persists to this day in his unwillingness to stand firm against the Democrats when his help is needed most.

    Romney's experience in business doesn't seem to have conferred good political instincts.

  3. He was criticizing a strategy. It doesn't matter what he did, anyway. He's your white whale and the truth be damned. Stand firm? In what capacity has he not "stood firm"? What did he do that inspires this insane hatred you have for the guy?

  4. Disagree = Insane hatred?

    That's just to f'ing much Chucky boy.

    Romney is a Rockefeller Republican type and everyone knows it. He will not slow the dependency on government much, if at all.

    I like Romney personalty, could even have lunch and knock back a couple of brews with him.

    There's better choices. Although from the looks of the field there aren't a lot.

  5. Romney wasn't criticizing a strategy, he was attacking his own allies for going to the voters with a set of proposals and promises by which the Republicans could be evaluated and held accountable.

    Romney cut down his fellow Republicans in a failed attempt to build himself up in a race against a popular Democrat. That doesn't bode well for the future.

    Romney showed that he still can't be trusted to stand strong with his friends when he refused to take a stand with Republicans in Ohio on PEU reform.

    For a man who seems to think he can be president of the United States, Romney seems awfully afraid of conflict.

  6. The way I see it, Mittens only became a Republican because he knew he had no chance of becoming the DemoCrat nominee... (Arlen Specter syndrom)
    Therefor he wheres the RINO mantle! So if you find that you have more in common with Democrats, you probably are one!

  7. If the GOP wants a man in the White House who will compromise with Democrats even before the negotiating begins, Romney is the one.

    Echoes of Boehner, anyone?

    In a sense, another term of Barack with an infighting, divided congress may be better for the nation than a liberal-statist GOPer with a GOP-controlled congress growing government as they did in the mid-2000s.

    If it's Mittens, we sure as hell better have lots more tea party reps in 2012 to fight him.

  8. "He will not slow the dependency on government much, if at all."

    You're simply making stuff up. You don't have a single thing to substantiate that claim. You just just pulled it out of your ass because, again, you liked the way it sounded. I've read his proposals. Have you? You bring nothing to a discussion of Romney's policy positions but irrational hatred and abject ignorance.

    Why won't one of you Captain Ahabs point out a single policy proposal of Romney's you disagree with?

  9. "Education: Romney supports the federal government’s involvement in education and supports No Child Left Behind. He supports testing in schools, testing requirements for graduation, and approved an effort in Massachusetts to require that parents in poorly performing schools attend parental education classes. He is also in favor of awarding four-year scholarships to students that perform at top levels. He is in favor of establishing a means-tested school voucher program, which allows students to attend a public or private school of their choice. Romney has also declared his support for charter schools and home schooling. He is in favor of abstinence education in public schools and supports including religious beliefs in public schools, but stipulates that they may not endorse specific religious beliefs or prayer in schools.

    Environmental Issues: Romney pledges to achieve energy independence through innovation. He plans to increase federal spending on research and development of projects that might diversify the energy supply and increase energy efficiency. He calls for: (1) basic research in key technologies like improved energy storage, (2) bringing clean energy technology to market through commercialization of large-scale renewables and advanced nuclear technologies, (3) an improved smart-grid technology for power distribution, and (4) clean, efficient uses of existing fossil fuels - clean coal, coal-to-liquids, carbon sequestration.

    Experience: Former governor of Massachusetts, head of the 2002 Winter Olympics, CEO/venture capitalist.

    Gay Marriage: Opposes same-sex marriage and civil unions.

    Health Care: Romney proposes a "Free Market, Federalist” approach to providing for “quality, affordable” health insurance for all Americans. He pledges to deregulate state health insurance markets and reform the tax code, making all health care expenses tax deductible, eliminating the special treatment afforded employer-provided health plans. He pledges to stop "free riders" by using money spent on "free care" for the uninsured at emergency rooms to help the needy buy private insurance. He pledges to reform the medical liability system and promote innovation in Medicaid by giving states flexibility to spend Medicaid dollars in their most efficient and effective ways. Finally, he pledges to bring health care into the 21st century by improving quality, and enhancing transparency. Signed a landmark health care reform bill in Massachusetts that requires individuals to have insurance and uses funds previously spent on “free care” to subsidize insurance for lower-income residents.

    Immigration: Romney opposes the comprehensive immigration reform proposal that called for increased border enforcement combined with a path to legal citizenship for illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. Pledges to secure the border and implement a employer verification system that relies on tamper-proof, biometric identification cards for all non-citizens, and to create a database of those non-citizens for verification purposes. Pledges to follow through on congressional commitment to build a physical and technological fence along the southern border, and secure other points of entry. Pledges to punish “sanctuary cities” by cutting back on federal funding. Supports encouraging legal immigration and pledges to streamline the system to recruit and retain skilled workers.

    The war in Iraq: Romney supported the invasion

  10. of Iraq but has called the post-invasion period “mismanaged.” He supported the troop surge and opposes plans to set a timetable for withdrawal of troops. To secure the nation, Romney calls for an overall increase in American troop strength by 100,000 service personnel and an increase in defense spending to at least 4 percent of GDP.

    Social Security: Romney calls for bipartisan leadership to reform Social Security and Medicare. Supports private savings account as an alternative to extending the retirement age. Would consider tying benefits to prices rather than wages for upper-income Americans only.

    Stem Cell Research: Romney opposes the expansion of federally-funded embryonic stem cell research.

    Taxes and Budget issues: Romney pledges to implement a plan of fiscal discipline and management in Washington by establishing spending limits, re-examining and evaluating all federal spending programs (identify waste, duplication and inefficiencies), working with Congress to reform entitlement spending and address the budget crisis. Romney also supports the presidential line item veto to strip unnecessary spending. Supports a zero tax on capital gains for middle-income Americans."

    There you go Chucky Poo. Romney's boilerplate stuff. The likes of which will likely soom be discarded if he is elected. Of course that's my observation, or opinion whichever you choose.


    Here's a link to Romney's website for the few who might not have visited already.

    Now Chucky Poo, why don't you give us skeptics a reason why we should vote for Romney and verify factually why you believe your position is the correct one.

    Either that or... go have a case of Buds on me.

  11. Nice paste. I missed the part where you pointed out what you disagreed with...or should I infer that you oppose all of it?

  12. Ridiculing my name makes you seem intelligent, by the way.

  13. Romney has a lot of big-government ideas. With his tendency to cut Republicans down while reaching to to Democrats, who knows how far he'll go.

    I like Romney, I just think he should go to the Democrats. That would be a net improvement for both parties.

  14. What would an example of that look like? Why do you guys have nothing but accusations? Educate me. What is one of his "big government" ideas he's campaigning on? Throw me a fucking bone here, for godsake!!. What is it you're referring to!!??!!

    What is his "big government" plan?

  15. If I had several people telling me the same thing, I would be compelled to at least consider some self examination...

  16. Chuch - I need not point out a think to you. The fact you are too dense to understand the point made in the post, and the clear reality that is Romney as RK has has pointed out is of no concern to me.

    I simply refuse to humor your incessant obsession for attention.

    When it comes to collectivists like you Ayn Rand had it pegged.

    Have some more Bud brews and visit Top Floors.

    Good day sir...

  17. So now it's "collectivist" to expect Romney haters to justify their hatred? I'm just trying to get you guys to actually rationalize what you say you think. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. You sure as shit haven't earned it. It's like interviewing a Freemason. Are you ashamed of your beliefs? Is that why you keep them secret?

    I'm better at this than you two, but that shouldn't matter. I'm not trying to be clever. I'm not attacking you. I'm simply looking for one of you to sprout a pair and actually defend your own damn positions. Are either of you willing?

    If mot, why?

  18. "If I had several people telling me the same thing, I would be compelled to at least consider some self examination."

    Not when in an insane asylum, you wouldn't.

  19. By the way, Les,
    Why did you paste a bunch of crap from 2007 instead of Romney's actual policy positions in this current election campaign?

    Is it because you're really stupid, or is it because you're really dishonest?

    There is no third answer. Stupid or liar. Which are you, dear Les?

  20. No Chuck it is because after finding little because of time constraints I posted what I found {before escaping your bullshit and going to Sturbridge with my family for dinner}along with the link to his website so folks could decide for themselves.

    Who's stupid or dishonest Chuck?

  21. If calling me a liar makes you feel superior and or powerful Chuck {or is it TAO} go right ahead.

    I am more than glad to feed your delusional sense of superiority and self worth.

    Now go have a few more Bud brews, lick your ego, and call mommy.

  22. I don' really have feelings when discussing issues with strangers on the innertubes.

    I'm not taking this personally because I have no emotional investment in your beliefs. I'd just like to know what they are. I'm fascinated by your evasions. You Paul people are very interesting to me.

    You could ask me any question about any candidate and I would answer you. Manners. You guys, on the other hand, won't.

    I'm always here if you'd like to share.

    I don't get the anger. What are you protecting? What are you defending? Hell, you haven't even given me an idea to attack. It's all style.

    I already have a wife, Les. I'm not looking for another one to argue with.

  23. By the way, Les,
    Here is Mitt Romney's economic agenda. I thought I'd already provided a link, but maybe I didn't. I'm not mentally retarded so I was able to find that little gem at Mitt Romney dot com. Imagine that.

  24. He pledges to stop "free riders" by using money spent on "free care" for the uninsured at emergency rooms to help the needy buy private insurance.

    Yet another stupid pie-in-the-sky variation on RomneyCare/ObamaCare.

    The tired Dem-lite ideas of yesteryear on Romney's website are too numerous to count.

  25. Fact... I have nothing emotionally invested in you either. So, your point is?

  26. How does that cross from State to Fed?

    Q: Why such a dramatic and profound change after pledging never to waiver on a woman’s right to choose?

    A: I was always personally opposed to abortion, as I think almost everyone in this nation is. And the question for me was, what is the role of government? And it was quite theoretical and philosophical to consider what the role of government should be in this regard, and I felt that the Supreme Court had spoken and that government shouldn’t be involved and let people make their own decision. That all made a lot of sense to me. Then I became governor and the theoretical became reality. A bill came to my desk which related to the preservation of life. I recognized that I simply could not be part of an effort that would cause the destruction of human life. And I didn’t hide from that change of heart. I recognize it’s a change. Every piece of legislation which came to my desk in the coming years as the governor, I came down on the side of preserving the sanctity of life.

    Gee, what an asshole.

    As long as you guys continue to pile on Romney with no willingness to justify your hatred of him, I'm going to sing his praises.

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  28. Good night Chuck... Sleep well in the delusions of your own grandeur.

    Character is not something you know much about.

    Lights out on you.... Your cliff {of vacuous ideas and lack of solutions} looms on the horizon. Have a great trip TAO, oop's! I mean Chuck.

  29. Ahh. Another clever way to masturbate.

    Explain how my ideas are "vacuous", Les.

    I think your pocket thesaurus is more literate than you are, but let us give it a shot.

  30. "Good night Chuck... Sleep well in the delusions of your own grandeur. "

    I sure would like to play poker with you, Les. Free tells are awful fun.

    Your jealousy is your problem, Les. I'm just some guy.

  31. Chuck, Jealously? I refer you to my delusions of grandeur comment. You have just proven my hypothesis. Good night Opie.

  32. Who was the conservative fascist you were referring to, Les? You never answered. Who is it?

  33. "Not when in an insane asylum, you wouldn't."
    That about sums it up for me.


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