San Diego's Own Darrel Issa Hits the Ball out of the Park on the 2nd Amendment on Bill Maher's HBO Show

By the Left Coast Rebel


San Diego Tea Party patriot WC Varones and I had the chance to chat with Issa last year during the downtown San Diego November, 2010 festivities. If it wasn't for the fact that we both had a few too many beers and I that I spooked him a bit while fumbling around with my camera (surprisingly, his aide next to him may have thought I was a lefty looking to catch him in a gothca! moment), we would have had a little longer discussion with him.

Sharp dude and his little discourse with Maher proves that.

His voting record is not perfect (for example he voted for Boner's "compromise" budget recently) and I believe he's on board with the notorious Patriot Act but nevertheless San Diego could do a lot worse (I'm thinking my own lobbyist-turned-congressman, Brian Bilbray, here).

We'll see what he digs up on the Looters of The Potomac coming up (especially in regards to Fast and Furious). We'll see.


  1. Dude, the districts are shifting.

    We get Issa and Bilbray goes to central SD!

  2. Like it, is that how it panned out for us? I wasn't sure ;)

  3. This came from a Californian "politician"? I'm impressed and encouraged!

  4. Yah, sorry John, you can't have him! (even though you don't live here)

  5. Actually, I want to see many more like him in Cali...
    Not to mention many other states!


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