Mitt Rewrites The History of RomneyCare

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Mitt Romney hasn't been compelled to defend his record on health care. Now is the time to make that happen. Voters will be going to the primaries and the caucuses in just a few weeks.

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*Learn more about RomneyCare here, every fact presented in the video (and much more) is addressed in detail with numerous links:

RELATED: Only about 30% of Republican voters say they know enough about RomneyCare to have an opinion.

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  1. I don't think I learned anymore, but rather received more evidence of what I've known all along...
    We already have an "Excusemeister in chief"!

  2. @John

    70% of Republican primary voters don't know enough about RomneyCare to have an opinion. Let's tell them what they don't know!

  3. Well they better wake up and get involved! This no time for complacency! I added you on my youtube subscription list. Johannes58

  4. I have an entirely different view. Go here for more on my personal feelings and finding on Romneycare:


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  6. @Chuck

    Gee, what a substantive rebuttal.

  7. @Rational Nation

    Thank you, sir. I produced the video.

  8. RK - Great production. My humble apology for the over-site. Your work exposing the Mitten's misrepresentations is most commendable and I'm sure will be appreciated by those those who are yet unaware of the legacy of RomneyCare.

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  10. @Rational Nation USA

    No problem at all. Thanks for sharing the video. I was hoping one of the other GOP candidates would get around to making a video like that, but I got tired of waiting.

  11. @Chuck

    All of the facts in that video were thoroughly researched and confirmed with multiple sources. If you think they are false, you are mistaken.

    I'll happily take the video down or correct errors if you can find anything that is incorrect.

  12. Ball's in your court Chuck! I'm interested to see what you find before I post it on my sites...

  13. RK: Excellent work my friend. I am going to send this to all the big guys on Friday and do my best to make this thing go viral...

  14. @Left Coast Rebel

    Thanks! Anyone considering Romney should see this information.

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  16. Missed Chuck's last comment. I take it he had nothing constructive to say.

    Not surprising. The video is based on hard facts. I'd like to think Romney's record on health care is defensible. There's still a real chance he will be the GOP nominee, after all. But the facts aren't flattering.

    Romney should be made to answer hard questions about the failures of RomneyCare. So far, he's gotten gentle treatment.

  17. Of course and unfortunately, RK, you are 100% correct. Chuck's comment contained a vile obscenity that degrades women. Ho


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