#Occupy Starfleet

By Proof

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For those of you who remember Star Trek, the Original Series, Kirk and three others were transported into a parallel universe, where a barbaric empire ruled. It was a sci-fi version of the Tea Party vs. Occupy Anarchy. Viewing the vandalism, sexual assaults, riots and acts of violence and disrespect of the Occupy movement, I thought of that parallel universe.

"It was far easier for you as civilized men to behave like barbarians than it was for them as barbarians to behave like civilized men."

It will be difficult for the occupiers to behave like civilized men.

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  1. Sadly this is becoming more evident with each passing week.

    The legitimate goals of ending crony capitalism, corporatism, and tax payer funded bailouts is getting lost in the process.

    Just sayin...

  2. Yes, and the society they will create should they win will be the continuation of that universe demonstrated in Deep Space Nine where humans become slaves to the Alliance (substitute socialist, downright communists or better yet name your tyranny here) and all innovation and progress stopped, not to mention freedom for "terrans".

  3. I watched the Obama2012 Greater Together conference for college student supporters of Obama. I disagree with everything they said, but am offended by the complete selfishness of these children. They harped endlessly about the provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents health care until 26 yrs of age. The claimed a million more insured young people (although they used the term access) and DELIBERATELY avoided the fact that twice as many Americans have lost health insurance due to this failed liberal scheme. They then called anyone who dissented "liars."

  4. "They harped endlessly about the provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents health care until 26..."
    I doubt that any of them realize that if the insurance companies have to incur greater liabilities, the cost of the policies must go up to match them. But then, they probably grew up clueless as to what it was already costing their parents to feed, cloth and care for them.

    I mean, it's free because I live at home, right?

  5. Les, the goal of OWS was to replicate a Tea Party-esque populist movement. Rather than high taxes, their object of anger was Wall Street greed. Their 99% mantra was supposed to be unifying.

    Of course, as soon as the astroturf movement got off message, it was all downhill. The message strayed from "Wall Street!" to "Occupy!".

    As soon as they started occupying every other place where people lived and worked, the original message became incoherent.

    Ironically, the true source of the financial crisis was everywhere. Banks that were not on Wall Street made bad loans. Borrowers who did not live on Wall Street bought houses they couldn't afford. Politicians who didn't represent Wall Street sold us on "affordable housing," and government agencies and enterprises which were nowhere near Wall Street pushed the housing meth into our veins.

    I passed by an Occupy rally in Sam Francisco. None of the signs had anything to do with Wall Street, and the festive atmosphere was driven more by the urge to gather and shout rather than to accomplish anything or even protest any THING. The antiwar protests at least had a consistent objective that didn't get lost or diluted over time.

    Cold wind will end these protests. None of these idiots learned from Napoleon and Hitler's mistakes about trying to carry a tough campaign through the winter. I hope they try.

    When the weather gets cold, the police should just shower them with water.

  6. "The legitimate goals of ending crony capitalism, corporatism, and tax payer funded bailouts is getting lost in the process."

    WTF? Those were never the "goals". This is a created event. It's the movement left in action. The only goals the vermin who created this farce have is the advancement of Marxism. To pretend there was ever anything noble behind this shit-fest is pure folly.

  7. Chuck - Do you understand Marxism? Have you read Marx's economic theories? Do you know that Marx was basically a Adam Smith kind of economist?

    Put Marx in the proper historical framework and for Christi's sake stop feeding the BS that has been around for far too long.

    Max is not a threat. He is dead. Communism as Marx perceived it is not the satist totalitarianism of modern communism.

    I have many issues with "collectivist" thought as opposed to "individual" thought which I am a strong advocate of. ut don't misrepresent Marx's actual theories. Tou're smarter than that.

    PS: Marx was likely smiling down on Henry Ford, one of America's premier capitalists. But to recognize and understand why requires investigation beyond the sound bite we have all been hearing since we can remember.

    Ding, Ding...


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