Newt Gingrich 'Is a Fat Womanizing Blowhard'

By Proof

Pot, meet kettle:

You know what this means, don't you? It means that Newt is rising in the polls, and as such, the politics of personal destruction must be brought to bear on him.

First, "Fat, Womanizing Blowhard" could describe Teddy Kennedy to a "T". Ever hear Bill Maher refer to Teddy as a "Fat, Womanizing Blowhard"? Remove the comma, and "Fat Womanizing Blowhard" applies to Bill Clinton. Anyone ever hear Bill Maher refer to Bill Clinton as a womanizer? Or to Michael Moore as a "Fat blowhard"? (Trick questions. Almost no one hears Bill Maher any more!)

The level of hypocrisy is stunning, even for liberals. The next time a liberal sheds crocodile tears over Newt's wife being cheated on while she was hospitalized for cancer, just ask of they are talking about Newt or John Edwards? See if their faux outrage was the same for each.

Newt is by no means the perfect conservative, but I think the liberal left is envisioning Newt standing toe to toe in debate against the teleprompter dependent Obama and seeing their side irreparably bloodied. And they're wetting themselves over it, hence, the display above.

H/T Newsbusters

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  1. One of the good things coming out of a tightening primary race is that the leftists are having a difficult time with target acquisition. But that's all the more reason for us to remain respectful and supportive of all our candidates and focus like a laser beam on Zero's daily faults.

    Listening to his pre-planned, canned use of "commander in chief" at tributes to veterans almost made me puke. That craven coward never risked his life or sacrificed his comfort for the sake of another human being. He certainly adds no value to the decision making process of military and security operations.

  2. .

    Oh please, go with gewt ningrich. Run gewt run.

    This will be a great political selection. You can rest assured the liberals and progressives will not do anything to stop youse guys nominating the man from Georgia.

    Go go go

    Ema Nymton

  3. Obama should demand better looking cheerleaders.

  4. .

    Obama? Obama?


    Give the people a break. Run Gewt Run.

    This is too much fun.

    Why would any one want to stop youse guys doing this to yourselves?


    Vote for Gewt on 7 November 2012!

    Ema Nymton

  5. Nick: I noticed the same thing. Most C-in-C's don't have to remind the troops who they are.

    John: Ja.

    Emu: Keep your head in the sand. It shows off your better side.

    RK: Tell me about it!

  6. Proof, It would seem that she speaks from the other end...

  7. Bill Maher is a limp-wristed, dick-nosed degenerate who has never had an original thought in his entire life. He thinks and says exactly what he has been ordered by the movement left to think and say. He's an automaton. He doesn't even know what integrity is. To expect him to actually have any is a bridge too far.

  8. He's a mirror image of his fellow leftist tool John Stewart.


  9. Emina, the reason she's so hard to understand...

    But what really baffles me is, why does she believe anything she may say, could influence what we believe and know to be true... No matter.
    The entertainment value is a bi-product from her beloved Govt.

  10. I'm guessing Ema is too young to realize what a savvy politician Newt is. I'm not a fan, but if she thinks that's the candidate that Obama would prefer to run against, she's dead wrong.


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