Mediots Rigging Debates And Picking The GOP Nominee

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Michele Bachmann is crying foul, Ron Paul got 89 seconds and Gary Johnson was excluded from yet another debate.

Once upon a time, Bachmann was considered a front runner, but has been relegated to second or third tier status by the mediot elite, Paul has consistently polled in the top 5 throughout the entire process but is routinely ignored and Johnson would poll just as good or better than Huntsman and Santorum when he was included in the polls. We've also seen the fortunes of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich rise as they get more positive face time while Rick perry has dropped due to the negative focus on his missteps.

Is this any way to give the voters a chance to make their own decision?

Most people don't even begin to pay attention to race until the start of the primary season with their focus being on the upcoming holidays for now. For the mediots to be eliminating candidates this early does a great disservice to the great majority who haven't had a chance to see everyone on the presidential buffet. Remember, Bill Clinton was only polling around 3% by this point in 1991 and Jimmy Carter was at 1% in 1975.

The point is, it's still anyone's race to win with every candidate deserving a fair shake this early in the process. For the mediots to deem themselves kingmakers is just undemocratic.

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  1. To call that two man circle jerk a debate would be akin to saying CBS is a news agency. I feel for anyone if they paid to see it!
    Interesting stats you you give, but they were for democrat candidates... Still I agree that it is too soon to say.

  2. Why Republicans even bother to rely on the mediots to conduct their debates is beyond comprehension. The media shouldn't be anything more than spectators covering the event. I suppose the closest analogy would be that they are the sportscasters, not the referees.

    Bachman was never a "front runner." She was always on the fringe. Paul has a consistent following of dreamers. Polls in a six or seven candidate race are useless unless the pollster gets a complete preference ordering.

  3. Perry - 5 questions, 2 follow ups

    Newt - 5 questions, 1 follow up

    Cain - 5 questions, 1 follow up

    Romney - 4 questions, 1 follow up

    Santorum - 3 questions, 2 follow ups

    Bachman - 3 questions

    Huntsman - 2 questions, 1 follow up

    Paul - 1 question, 1 follow up

  4. People enjoyed the Gingrich-Cain debate. Two guys debating. How novel.

    These GOP debates, when conducted with more than 2 people on stage, are foolish. I enjoyed listening to Gingrich, Cain, Paul, and I will confess that Huntsman made some salient points. Perry and Bachmann make my IQ drop. Santorum who? And of course, Romney. When he speaks I hear the famous teacher from the Peanuts cartoons: Whaw-whaw, whaw-whaw-whaw. I know eventually we will all see Rove's hand up Romney's ass, like some obscene political puppeteer.

    Anyhoos, these debates are a farce. We need to see these candidates in more intimate and smaller forums. Equal face time, of course.

  5. .

    Agree with your point completely. Keep the likes of M. Bachmann, Herb Cain, Gewt Ningrich, R Santorum, and R Parry as the feces of the RepublicanT Party will assure the voters of USA a clear massage.

    Ema Nymton

  6. @Ema,

    (Speaking of feces, and lice, and TB, and rapes, and crime), yes, much like the face of the Occupoopers and their Democrat supporters assure the voters a clear Democrat/Socialist message.

    By the way, your mocking of the names of these people is amusing and childish at best. Rush Limbaugh, you ain't.


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