Judd Greg Nails it on What Ails our Nation

By the Left Coast Rebel

The resounding failure of the so-called "super committee" to reach an "agreement" comes as anything but a surprise to anyone that has a pulse and a clue about where our nation is currently heading.

But something has been teasing my inner psyche recently and it is this: what in the hell does Obama think bringing on the fiscal collapse of this nation will bring?

And: Just where in the hell is Teh Messiah as even the most minimal of proposals (cutting a bit over 1 trillion from the RATE of federal growth in the next 10 years as the federal government spends 44 TRILLION) sputters, crashes and burns?

I mean, he was sold to us as the Chosen One, the man that would cure every ill that America faces, heal the oceans...

But the chief executive of our nation can't even broker (or at least nudge or even affect in any way) an almost meaningless deal?

As they say, the proof is in the (socialist) pudding. Obama and Team don't want to "fix" our budget mess at all.

On this note, former New Hampshire senator (and Obama admin. commerce secretary) Judd Greg puts his neck out there, connecting the White House dots on our budgetary disaster.


There is no great concern at the White House that our government is getting too large. They look at Europe — where governments routinely absorb 30 percent to 40 percent of the economy — and believe we can certainly have the same, especially considering that higher taxes will inevitably follow such a growth, maybe even a value-added tax. As far as the White House is concerned, the taxing potential of our nation has miles to go.

So why would you wish to rein in the growth of the federal government — and power that comes with that growth — if you wish to pursue social justice agendas?

This idea of expanded government meshes perfectly with the message of class warfare that has been chosen as the course to reelection for Obama and his minions in Congress. After all, the only effective way to deal with class envy and create a truly divided nation is to take from those who are deemed to have too much and redistribute that take. And who better to choose how to redistribute than the elite of the left, who have flocked to the battlements of expanding government, demanding permission to choose the winners and losers in our society?

It might be an old and tired idea that has not done much to create general prosperity, but it has always done a lot to empower the few to tell the many how to live their lives. It concentrates power, which is, of course, what growing government is mostly about.

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  1. I had to read the Memeorandum article to fully understand the point. I'm glad we have people like him to bring these things to light, although reading these type of articles disgust me.. Like this one!
    What a mess! Here's what I think!


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