Honoring Oath Keepers This Veterans Day

By: Wes Messamore

"At the time of the American War for Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote a list of grievances against the King of England and the actions of the soldiers he quartered among the colonists. The Oath Keepers’ list anticipates such abuses in advance and its members swear not to perpetrate them against the people they are sworn to protect in violation of the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.

There are many things that I fear may radically alter our way of life in the few, short years to come. A monetary collapse is chief among them. But knowing that Oath Keepers is out there with a rapidly growing membership assures me that whatever happens, there will be a strong and faithful contingent of uniformed men and women in our Armed Forces who will not under any circumstance be part of any program to overtly oppress the American people."

Read my entire article at The Silver Underground.


  1. Wes,

    I went to link and read the article in its entirety. Nicely said, sir.

    To the point:
    I am one of those guys who endorses the 2nd Amendment and hopes he will ne'er need to manifest his endorsement of it, provided the government knows its role.

    I took an oath when, in 1986, I entered military service. Years later, as a civilian, that oath still burns in my spirit. I have seen domestic enemies. I'm simply waiting for them to get froggy and leap.

    People delude themselves in thinking that reason and intellect will save the day. It will always come down to boots on the ground and not clever or enticing speeches.

    Just sayin'.

  2. That's exactly what I like to hear: that the oath of fidelity to the Law still burns in the hearts of my fellow countrymen.

  3. Happy Birthday USMC! Semper Fi, indeed.

  4. Wonderful! I had only recently heard of the Oathkeepers. Although I won't be able to join them (not retired/active duty), I will support them.


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