Herman Cain Roundup: Waiting for the Other Shoe(s) to Drop

As accusations from team Perry thicken the plot of an otherwise underwhelming story, voters in Iowa yawn and wait. Even Cain's critics are beginning to wonder "if there’s any there there." But supporters are tiring of Cain's amateurish response to the accusations.

So far, however, the story has created a massive fundraising windfall for the Cain campaign.

Meanwhile, Instapundit reminds us to filter the news through our memory of the Journolist scandal, "where journalists got together and talked about how to bury stories that hurt Democrats and push stories that hurt Republicans." Is Politico "creating" complaints?

Cain's best friends in the conservative blogosphere have advised Cain to "get it all out there"PDQ. If he doesn't, Cain's astonishing strength in the polls will wither and the "anyone but Romney" crowd will begin to re-examine the alternatives.

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