Herman Cain "Reassessing" Campaign

CNN reports:

Embattled Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is keeping mum on whether he will remain in the race for the GOP nomination.

When asked by CNN if he is vowing to continue his campaign, Cain declined to give a direct response.

"We are reassessing and reevaluating," Cain said.

Cain said he would have a final answer about his future plans soon.

"We will be making a decision in the next several days," Cain said.

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  1. The minute he said his family was his first priority, I knew his campaign was over. He just wants to remain relevant in order to leverage his supporters with the remaining candidates. Bachman is doing the same.

    I told you that as the race progressed, the weaker candidates would fall by the wayside and supporters would realign.

    It's now a two person race between Romney and Gingrich. I can live with either. Either could beat Obama.

  2. I essentially agree with your analysis with respect to leveraging his supporters.

    Whether either Romney, "which way is the wind blowing today", or Gingrich, "mr. hypocrite" can unseat Obama remains to be seen. I'm not so sure.

    My hope is Ron Paul is strengthened by a thinning field and gains supporters. He is the most consistent, and possibly the most honest of the candidates.

    Given the GOP track record since RWR... well, I eave the blanks empty.

  3. Les,

    Your loyalty to Ron Paul is to be commended. You haven't flip-flopped at all in the time I have been reading you. I wish I could throw my hat in with Paul, but alas, I cannot. I still think he would make a phenomenal Chairman of the Federal Reserve, though. Bernanke would have to shred a lot of info and leave no paper trail, believe you me!

    I don't honestly believe Mr. Paul will get the nod, but he consistently provides for some solid common-sense amidst the cult of personality that is politics.

    When he doesn't get the nomination, I trust you will refuse to accept the GOP Champion of Romney.

  4. Sorry, forgot to talk about Mr. Cain! Ooops!

    I think the media has finally broken his spirit. I am surprised he has lasted this long, really.

    I mean, if I were him, and these accusations kept piling up and piling up, and I was immediately vilified and found guilty without solid proof, by a liberal media of malcontents and incompetent talking heads of Socialism, I would be a bit weary right now, too.

    I appreciate how he is saying he wishes to have a face-to-face talk with his bride and then go from there. While some may consider that as an admission of guilt, (yeesh), I look at it as an act of integrity and respect for his bride of 40 years.

    Politics comes and goes, but a marriage covenant doesn't take a day off. No matter what. Bravo to Mr. Cain.

    If he does come back and say, "Hey, I'm done.", then so be it. This is between his bride, his God, and himself.

  5. What use is there in supporting Romney should he secure the nomination? If anyone plans on voting for him in the GOP primary, I don't see why they shouldn't just stay home and vote for Obama in the general. The only difference between the two would be the letter next to their name. I don't care about the letter. I care about the republic.


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