Yesterday's Epic Exchange Between Senators Rand Paul and John McCain

By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm a day late on this but this should go down in infamy as the starkest of the stark contrast between Rand Paul's brand of conservatism and John McCain's statism and awful personality.

From the floor of the United States Senate yesterday. Background on the story from The Hill:

Republican Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and John McCain (Ariz.) battled on the Senate floor Tuesday over a proposed amendment to the pending defense authorization bill that could allow American citizens who are suspected of terrorism to be denied a civilian trial.

Paul argued the amendment, which is cosponsored by McCain, "puts every single American citizen at risk" and suggested that if the amendment passes, "the terrorists have won."

“Should we err today and remove some of the most important checks on state power in the name of fighting terrorism, well then the terrorists have won," Paul argued, "[D]etaining American citizens without a court trial is not American."

McCain, however, who has spent hours of floor time in the last weeks promoting his amendment, hurried to the floor to defend it against Paul's onslaught.

More analysis over at Humble Libertarian. More here. Here's Rand Paul's incredible speech:

More Paul and McCain's response

Beyond his failure to grasp any of the valid, Constitutional points Senator Paul makes, McCain's demeanor speaks to his moral and intellectual bankruptcy and vapidity of his points.

Rand Paul -- "we lose if we surrender the Constitution to a police state..."

McCain -- "Americans might die! Guns! Rockets! How dare you even make such a ridiculous assertion... Grrr!"

Imagine this guy was nominated in 2008!

Pretty unreal...


  1. Thus why I compared the election of 2008 as between Hitler and Stalin, and like in history, Stalin won. I can't imagine why McShame would be so stupid to support such a bill. Defined as a terrorist by whom? Obama? The foreign nations? Shoot, Americans would be defined as terrorist just for being American by the Islamic state. Paul is right, this bill would be a victory for the terrorist as they would be writing the rules. To think McCain was the ALTERNATE choice of BO. To think, Mittens and the others now aren't that much different. I try not to be pessimistic, but if this man is what the GOP (as half of them are leftist RINO's like him) have to offer with the likes of Mittens and Perry, then we are screwed.

  2. " Any society that would give up a little freedom to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Benjamin Franklin

    At the hands of {presumably} well meaning statists so shall freemen lose their liberties.

    Rand Paul is precisely on the mark.

  3. Another example of McCain defining statism...


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