DID YOU KNOW? The Feds Will Cut off ALL TV and Radio Broadcasts Nov 9th in the first ever federal test of the Emergency Alert System

Posted by: Wes Messamore

Maybe the revolution will not be televised. Is anyone else concerned about the upcoming test, unprecedented in our nation’s history? Is anyone else concerned that you might not have heard about it until just now, and that you haven’t heard any of the mainstream media remarking on the upcoming test? Is anyone else concerned that simply by showing concern myself, I might appear “fringe,” paranoid, or “kooky?”

First the facts: This isn’t a wild conspiracy theory. FEMA, the FCC, and the Department of Homeland Security will be working together on November 9th at 2:00pm EST to simultaneously disrupt all the television and radio broadcasts in the entire country, replacing them with the Emergency Alert System broadcast for three minutes. While EAS is tested regularly on a state and local level, this is the first-ever nationwide test to by conducted by the feds. You can confirm all these facts on the websites of the FCC and FEMA.

Why should it concern you? I’m not suggesting that Mr. Obama and a group of wild-eyed global puppet masters are sitting around a table smoking stogies and stroking gray cats while cackling about their plan to control the airwaves in America. What I am suggesting is that history shows unequivocally that the centralization of power in the hands of a few is a process that seldom reverses course. Every new precedent, every new power that is exercised by an elite few, is seldom ever given back, and typically forms a foothold for the seizure of more power.

Every time the people of this country have given the Washington regime an inch, it has taken a mile. Study the history of any federal tax, regulation, war, agency, or program (especially the ones that were supposed to be only “temporary”), and then try to deny the historical veracity of this claim. Furthermore, history teaches that not only is radically centralized power seldom devolved and inclined to grow (along an exponential curve), but that it is abused, mismanaged, misused, and wielded in favor of the elite and powerful few who pull its strings, against the interests of the many weak, small, humble, and powerless. So why should we stand for Washington to exercise another unprecedented power?

If my suspicion of people with power seems paranoid to you, let me suggest that your trust of people with power is– in the very strongest sense I can possibly use these words– gullible and naive. If this overarching reason isn’t enough to incite misgivings about the upcoming test, let me share with you three more:


  1. They are forcing them to lose revenue possibilities for three minutes for this propaganda.

  2. Uh, isn't this how Big Brother worked? Gosh, I can see it now, like in DS9 when the Dominion spoke to the Cardassian people before they realized they were slaves on their own lands.

  3. I guess I'll go to a mall and wait out the zombies cuz this is how Dawn of the Dead was too.

    Run, Logan! Run!

    ..and other similar bullshit.


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