Comment Moderation Unfortunately Returns to

By the Left Coast Rebel

We have unfortunately decided to turn on comment moderation here at LCR. One person in particular has necessitated this move, the final straw was a female-demeaning slur (that rhymes with "runt") that a particular individual vomited upon Les Carpenter, one of LCR's many fine liberty-minded contributors.

To the offending party: shame on you.

To everyone else: Things will be back to normal here, expect a little lag between comments, once things settle down things will be back to normal (free-flowing forum with little interference from the administrators, that is unless trolls show up again).

Updated: This one's for you, potty-mouth whose profile picture was clearly taken in a men's restroom:


  1. So Chuck called Les a "grunt"?

    Kidding, just kidding....

    Sorry it came to this, Tim. Freedom of Speech is not an immediate and mandatory license, as you well now as a blogger. It is to be stewarded, respected, and treated with care.

    Long Live the Republic.

  2. When did civility leave the public forum? Oh yea, when Libs took over the media, education, and government. God help us if they get the internet as well.

  3. I would argue that this troll has effectively succeeded in squelching the voice of free speech.

  4. Too bad some people can't stir up debate without being a jerk.

  5. The left in general, sadly, lacks the discipline to stir up debate without being jerks. I have noted this since the early seventies. Michael Savage has it just about right when it comes to modern hard left libs.

  6. Some may think I'm crazier than they already do, but I think some of these folks WANT to be banished because they are losing the battle and delude themselves into thinking they could have won everyone over to their point of view if only they had just been granted unlimited licence to "express" themselves.

    In my experience, name calling, foul language and a generally distasteful personality never won a debate.

    Which brings up a different point, most people understand that the "comment" section of a blog is for comment, not debate. You put your opinion out there and people are free to embrace it or discard it as they feel led.

    And I have never seen a site on the net that allows total "free speech." All sites draw lines, it's just a matter of where. There may be exceptions, but I haven't stumbled upon them and I'm not sure I want to.

  7. Sad, but probably necessary.

    Unmoderated blogs aren't a good idea anyway. Aside from people merely being offensive, people can post personally identifying information, link to malicious sites, or just be a nuisance.

    On other unmoderated blogs I've had people impersonate me too. Not only can you be anything you want on the internet, you can have any name and email address you want too.

    Moderation is far different from censorship. You can still copy and past the gist of the idea with the offensive material deleted - if you want to.

  8. I think that moderation of a blog is basically the same thing as deciding who I want to allow in my house. Would I let somebody into my house if I knew that he or she would defecate on the carpet, knock over the furniture, and raid my refrigerator? Of course not. That's why I would strictly control what I allow on my blog (if I had one).

    I have no obligation to give the devil equal time.

  9. @Bastiatarian:

    You mean OWS isn't invited into your house?

  10. @Nick Rowe,

    You said, on a previous blog topic:

    "Well, if you're going to ban Chuck, then ban me too.

    Yes, he can be acerbic, terse and gruff, but I think there are too many 'thin skins' here who focus more on his delivery than his message.

    Chuck, if you're listening, please stick around and try to ease up. Pause before you hit Post Comment and lighten up. I'd rather have anyone here as a friend than the average Demon Rat. And we need to find unity for this election.

    Sure, we have a forum of like minded people, but banning runs the risk of turning it into a mutual admiration society."

    Welcome to the apparent mutual admiration society, then.

  11. Don - This isn't a mutual admiration society, rather it is one where calling a blog admin a "c*nt" is not tolerated.

  12. Tim,

    I agree, sir.

    My comment to Nick Rowe, wherein I specifically copy/pasted his previous words, was meant to see if he was still stoic in defending Chuck with, "Well, if you're going to ban Chuck, then ban me too."

    It would appear that Mr. Rowe has changed his mind, and now sees the forest for the trees regarding Chuck's disgusting and trollish verbiage and mannerisms. Freedom of Speech is not a license to be an ass.

    Hey, don't ban me, okay?! I'm just a simple fella with a good vocabulary who enjoys your company. I don't be wanting to be banned, yo. :)

    As distasteful as it might have felt, you did the right thing with Chuck.

  13. Righty-o Don, don't plan on banning anyone else here at the moment ;)

  14. >You mean OWS isn't invited into your house?

    If they try to step onto my property, I just hold up a bottle of shampoo or a bar of soap and the Occufreaks go up in flames.


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