Christian Student Murdered by Muslim Teacher and Fellow Students

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty - vs- Tyranny

Mallawi Egypt... October 16th, 2011... A seventeen year old Christian student was murdered {beaten to death} in his classroom by his teacher and two Muslim students.

His crime? Refusing to cover up the cross he had tattooed on his wrist. Instead, in an act of free will he chose to expose the crucifix he wore around his neck.

Islam, the religion of peace and understanding again showing its intolerance and complete disregard for the life of those who dare to believe differently.

What is most troubling is the lack of media coverage and outrage against this heinous act of brutality. One must wonder exactly where the main stream western media {read U.S) finds itself. Lets just leave it at that as any sane person knows the obvious answer.

Powerline - According to Ayman’s father, eyewitnesses told him that his son was not beaten up in the school yard as per the official story, but in the classroom. “They beat my son so much in the classroom that he fled to the lavatory on the ground floor, but they followed him and continued their assault. When one of the supervisors took him to his room, Ayman was still breathing. The ambulance transported him from there dead, one hour later.”

Read a full account of this crime at Assyrian International News Agency. Incidents such as this are becoming only too commonplace. Even as the number continues to rise the outrage seems all to non existent. Political correctness appears yet again to trump truth.

The issue is not the correctness of one faith as opposed to another. It is the right of individuals to hold whatever faith they chose and to practice it peacefully without fear of injury or death. Put another way it is about respecting the rights of all to believe as they chose, especially those whose beliefs different from the majority view.

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  1. "The issue is [not?] the correctness of one faith as opposed to another."

    One of the things I value most about our constitution and our culture is the explicit commitment to freedom of religion. But the left is committed to countering that, to the extent that they can, through selective reporting of stories like these.

    On the other hand, every stupid comment by Christian televangelists is amplified and ridiculed to no end. The mainstream media have a morbid fear of conservative Christians.

    The bigotry is astounding.

  2. RK - Thanks for the catch, corrected. I am in complete agreement with your sentiments.

  3. Hear that? *crickets* That's the MSM reporting on this.

    Christians deserve to die, apparently. But if you look cross-eyed at a Muslim, you are an Islamaphobe.


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