Warning: This Campaign May be Toxic to Your Political Health

By Proof

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Earlier this month, Claire McCaskill (D- Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer), disappeared with "prior commitments" (like getting re-elected) when Obama came to visit St. Louis. In Virginia and North Carolina, Democrats like Tim Kaine,former Democratic National Committee chairman and governor, Democratic state Sen. Phil Puckett, were running away as well.

In September, Democratic state Sen. Phil Puckett distanced himself from Obama after his Republican challenger started calling him "Obama's man in southwest Virginia". In southwest Virginia, House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong is having a tough political fight. One of his solutions? Stay away from Barack Obama,.

Sometimes, in politics, they talk about a politician's "coattails", how a lesser candidate can be carried into office by virtue of the fact that the top of the ticket was strong enough to draw votes for other members of the same party. More rarely, they talk about "reverse coattails", where a poor candidate drags others in his party to defeat.

Democrat politicians fear Barack's coattails in 2012. As well they should.

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  1. He's been toxic to a lot of jobs! Not to mention wealth, leaders of North African nations and optimism...

  2. Should be denote the campaign against Obama in 2012 to be more in the line of a Superfund clean up?

  3. Dems only have themselves to blame. They fell in love with that idiot... now they pay the price.

  4. RK: I believe the word is "schadenfreude".

  5. "Schadenfreude"! I resemble that! Haben Deutsch verstanden?


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