Sarah Palin's Presidential Endorsement

This topic deserves a post of its own. Now that Palin is out, pundits and political junkies want to know: Who will she endorse? What do you think?

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  1. She's a pragmatist. She endorsed Carly Failorina.

    She'll go Romney.

  2. Easier to say who she will not endorse. Scratch Gingrich and Paul off that list!

  3. She will wait to see who the nominee will be,
    then she will be wholeheartedly behind Romney.

  4. Unanimous. She will wait for the clear front-runner, and then endorse him wholeheartedly.

    I admire Cain with all my heart, but I really, really don't think he'll win. He's got chutzpah and practical experience, but he still comes across as PT Barnum. He will grab the right, but not the center.

    Romney might actually BE PT Barnum, trotting out one populist talking point after the next. The unfortunate reality in American politics is that is what gets you elected. Reagan was a rarity in a time when Jimmy Carter was severely wounded, and we don't have any Reagan's in the wings right now.

    It would be correct to compare Obama's first term to Clinton's first term, but it would be a grave error to compare him to Carter. Clinton won in 1996 despite a whole host of problems because we nominated a guy who could not win. Obama won in 2008 because we nominated a non-starter.

    Let's not repeat the error. 2012 is the most important election in our lives. The US Supreme Court is where all the power is right now, and Obama can't be allowed another choice. Kagan and Sotomayor are already 100% sympatico, Ginsberg is nearly dead, and Kennedy and Scalia are on their last legs.

    But if Cain lurches to the front, I'll gladly give him my support and my money. But it ain't happening. I warned you all about Angle and O'Donnell, but you didn't listen.

    Vote with your minds, not with your hopes.

  5. @Nick

    A President Romney could nominate the next David Souter, or someone even worse. I don't know how we can count on Romney to do anything right since we don't really know where he stands on anything. Similar arguments could be made for Al Gore's old friend, Mr. Perry.

    On the issue of Angle and O'Donnell, it's funny that they're so frequently held up as cautionary tales on the poor instincts of the conservative grassroots. Too bad the cool heads in the GOP establishment failed to find anyone who could beat them in the primaries.

    What can we learn from Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and John McCain? Weren't these all the safe, rational, "vote with your head, not with your heart" choices in their respective elections? Yet look where we are.

    Looks like establishment-annointed candidates just don't work out very well for us.

    The selection of Republicans lined up to replace Obama is quite poor, as each and every candidate has serious flaws and weaknesses. I think it's still too early to point to any one candidate and say that we've got a safe or obvious choice.

    Risks and opportunities for disappointment abound.

  6. She'll endorse the nominee. For someone as high profile as her to pick a candidate would be the height of stupidity for her own sake and for the party's.

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