Romney Credits Ted Kennedy as a "Father" of Romneycare -video

By Proof

This bit of video, a reminder of an embarrassing piece of Mitt's history (Mittstory?) is not going to endear him to conservatives.

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  1. If the beltway GOP puppets actually champion this guy and make him their horse for the 2012 election,...dude....

    RINO. Plain and simple. I don't have enough *facepalms* to handle this Romney guy. Every time I see his face and hear his name I want to carve an X in my forehead. Or punch a liberal. One or the other.

  2. There are some, maybe whistling in the dark Mitt supporters, talking about his "inevitability" as the nominee. Expect videos like this one to be paid for by the Re-elect Obama crowd next year if that's the case.

  3. Mitt, the father of Obama care... Try to imagine his thinking on a national scale.

  4. I don't see how that video helps Obama. If Romney were to be the nominee, the campaign would not be centered on health care for obvious reasons. It's not necessary either. Obama is the shittiest excuse for a president this country has ever had. That is the only issue his opponent will need to run on.

  5. Just when we need a stalwart conservative to take on the president and the powerful Democrat establishment, one of Ted Kennedy's old collaborators rises to the occasion!

  6. @John,

    You aptly stated:
    "Mitt, the father of Obama care... Try to imagine his thinking on a national scale."

    I have thought about him on a national scale. It's that awful mutant version of Obama and RINO GOP puppet that scares me. And its name is Romney.

  7. .

    Cut to the chase:

    The RepublicanT Party will nominate Mr Romney as its national candidate and shove it down your throat. So get over it. All your protestations to the contrary, it will not matter.

    Mr Obama will be elected for four more years.

    Are you going to vote for Mr Romney???

    Ema Nymton

  8. I hate to say it but if this man is the nominee not only will he lose the general but he will deserve to do so.

  9. Don't underestimate Romney's pulling power.

    Romney does have appeal to moderate independent voters and moderate to liberal republican voters. He likely appeals to some of the more conservative democrats as well.

    Cain is looking more and more like the real horse in the race.

  10. Cain has a lot of gumption, I'll give him that. He's done fairly well so far - much better than I ever expected and far better than Bachmann.

    9-9-9 has some appeal, but it will be framed as a middle-class tax hike.

    I can't believe Michelle pulled out that tawdry "turn 9-9-9 upside down...and you realize the Devil is in the details."

    Who supported that BONEHEAD?

    If you're going to criticize 9-9-9, then demonstrate some awareness of the US fiscal condition and the impact of various taxes on output, labor, and tax incidence. If the tax truly shifts the burden to the middle class, then SAY THAT.

    But if you support 9-9-9, you have to understand it's a tax hike and SELL IT based on that. The fact is that the "middle class" makes up the bulk of the tax base and are also the largest group of beneficiaries of government policy (absolute, not relative). We will not be able to balance our budget and eliminate debt without raising taxes on the middle class - period. It also has to be linked crucially to permanent budget cuts. Tax increases need to be ratcheted down by unbreakable law once the debt is eliminated, otherwise politicians will spend every dime. This may not be politically feasible, though.

    Romney has enormous fund-raising capabilities, and I believe he can think better on his feet. Cain is a good man, but he's an idealist who isn't really familiar with practical matters of governance, politics, and administration. He has experience as CEO, but not as a government leader.

    As much as NONE of us want career politicians in office, there is a method to that madness. Fund raising and managing the campaign apparatus are crucial - Obama is very good at this. Romney is very good. I'm not sure about Cain.

    Cain will fold like origami if he gets the nomination. He's one gaffe away from being a complete joke, and the media will gladly help him. Mitt is savvy enough to avoid this.

    We always have to remember to play Electoral Math. In the Midwest, the Republican must win Ohio and Indiana. The other Midwestern states have been consistently Democrat, so a win in any of them is a coup. If the Republicans can't win Iowa, they MUST win one of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania.

    Romney-Pawlenty is the winning ticket, IMHO. They might take both Michigan and Minnesota, locking up the election early in the evening.

    I believe Cain will take neither of those states. I also think Cain will lose Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico and possibly Nevada. If he loses Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, or Florida, you can go to bed early.

    The Midwest has moved in our direction in the gubernatorial races and legislatures, but that's no guarantee Obama won't win there. The Midwest is a tough nut to crack for Republicans because the large cities hold too much sway and the unions are free campaign labor.

    If you're not looking at the Electoral Map, you're not thinking about the General Election the right way. Or rather, you're not thinking - you're getting an emotional chill up your leg about fantasy prospects.

    If I'm wrong about Cain, give me good practical reasons why he should be our man. If he wins, he'll have my support anyway.

  11. "I hate to say it but if this man is the nominee not only will he lose the general but he will deserve to do so."

    WTF? Are you high? Deserve to? Maybe your blind hatred has eliminated your ability to think clearly. The logical implication of that statement is that brakabama would be better for the country than Mitt Romney. If you believe that, you are either a socialist or a drooling idiot. If you don't....


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