The Real Reason Washington and NATO Went to War Against Gaddafi in Libya

By: Wes Messamore

"It might all certainly seem puzzling to the casual observer. Gaddafi was warmly welcomed into the world community in 2003 after announcing an end to his “weapons of mass destruction” programs. George W. Bush called Gaddafi “an important ally in the war against terrorism,” and the U.K.’s Tony Blair echoed these same sentiments. The U.S. and Gaddafi maintained close relations ever since, often using Libya as a destination point for the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program to “interrogate” terror suspects off the record and offshore in third world countries (a program that the Obama Administration has publicly admitted to continuing after taking the reigns from Bush and company).

So why the sudden regime change in Libya?"

Read my entire article at The Silver Underground to find out why.


  1. The Real Reason Washington and NATO Went to War Against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

    "In the years and months leading up to the NATO intervention in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi was urging African nations to join together and begin trading in a currency other than the world’s reserve currency (the U.S. dollar), and move to use a gold-backed African “dinar” instead. It is no coincidence that sanctions and a full invasion of Iraq– also once a strong U.S. ally in the Middle East– occurred after Saddam Hussein announced plans to trade oil in Euros instead of dollars."

  2. It all points to Bazil Switzerland.


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