Protester Dies at Occupy San Diego

By Proof

San Diego - Breaking news. It appears that a protester attempting to hang a sign from an eight story parking garage has fallen to his death.

A man in his mid-40s fell or jumped to his death Monday afternoon from the eight-story parking structure adjacent to San Diego City Hall, police said.

Police are investigating initial reports that the man may have been attempting to hang a banner in support of the Occupy San Diego movement about 3 p.m.

Several hundred protesters are camped out in the plaza adjacent to City Hall and the parking structure.

Update : This is now being reported as an apparent suicide.

A witness told police that the man was possibly hanging a sign off the parking structure when he fell several stories and landed in the concourse area near Golden Hall about 3:15 p.m., police said.

Police determined that the man was not hanging signs, although fliers were found near the body that read: “Important message to intelligent earthlings from your creators.”

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  1. He died like he Wile E Coyote.

  2. His epitaph may read: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!"

  3. Sad but I hate to say that I'm not surprised to hear this happened. When I was at the OccupySanDiego rally there was a LOT of drug use. He was likely just a sadly disturbed individual.

  4. Or he was having the time of his life...his short, meaningless life.

  5. I will take the high road and say that he at least had the notion that there is a problem with our country today that needs to be solved.

    At least he wasn't taken out by gunrunner, a Hellfire missle, or even delayed ObamaCare. He was free to decide for himself and it is better to live free.

  6. Might as well then say that Brakabama is the finest president in our nation's history, since the only experience he brought to the office was that of a street protester.

    High road indeed.

  7. Turns out it's been ruled a suicide. Or maybe a drug induced attempt to fly.

  8. Chuck: Civil disobedience. Only the law he broke was gravity...

  9. You don't break the law of gravity. It breaks you. hehe


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