(PHOTOS) OccupySanDiego October 7, 2011

By the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday I checked out the OccupySanDiego event. As I'm sure you know, the "Occupy" rallies are popping up across the nation as discontented leftists take it to the streets.

It's easy to categorize the group of several-thousand (2-3 thousand, I'd say) as just a bunch of wide-eyed hippie wackos. But I found the group to be a bit more varied than your typical far-left rally.

Far-leftists, college students, senior citizens, communists and socialists, "reds", Green Party activists, Democratic Socialists of America members, a handful of end-the-fed'ers, San Diego State campus leftists flying the SDSU banner, international socialists, Mexican separatists, union activists, peacenicks... literally dozens -- if not more -- disparate groups united under the "We are the 99%" credo. Their was a decent police presence; the crowd was raucous but peaceful.

Some thoughts:

  • It's shocking the naivety on display that somehow taxing the "rich 1%" (somehow comprised of both corporations and wealthy individuals) would magically solve every financial/social ill facing this nation. It's a fantasy of mind-boggling proportions.
  • Plenty of Obama discontent. Leftists are not happy with Obama's cronyism, bailouts, war expansion and other issues -- lots of these issues (cronyism and bailouts especially) are areas that Tea Partiers and Occupiers can find a lot of common ground. Better for the Tea Party to embrace these overlapping issues than to allow these people to co-opt the anti-bailout message. WC Varones agrees.
  • This was interesting: I overheard a television reporter asking a OccupySanDiego protestor for his opinion on George Soros; he was likely fishing for a local t.v. soundbite of some sort. "What do I think of Soros?" the man responded. "Hate him -- and Obama is his puppet."
  • Big crowd. I got the feeling that leftists have been waiting and waiting for some sort of movement to get behind as the Tea Party has gained power and prominence over the last 2 years. Just how far will the Occupy/"We are the 99%" go? It's hard to say. The anti-bailout message is non-ideological but the fringe elements of most of the group will likely keep them on the periphery of the American political scene.

Timeline and Some Pics:

I met fellow SLOBer WC Varones before the event. First we grabbed a few beers then worked our way through the Occupy crowd. As things wound down -- and the OccupySanDiego crowd began to camp out (literally) at the San Diego Civic Center Plaza -- we called it a night.

On our way back to the train station we dropped by the Kansas City Barbecue to grab the last beer o' the night. Believe it or not, the Kansas City Barbecue was featured in "Top Gun" (picture of Tom Cruise sitting at the bar here). I hate to admit that even I -- a San Diego native -- had never been there. Check it out if you are in the area.

Here's just a few of the Occupy San Diego pictures WC took, photos are high-res, click to embiggen:

Hello f*ckers = the new civility.

Camping out after the event

Some of the leftists -- in a strange, roundabout way -- are actually
correct about our nation's debt

Lots of anti-war sentiment

Child props? Pretty spooky

More of the same


Time for camping

Yes, it does; it's called crony capitalism

Lots of seniors and folks in their 50s. This couple was having a
spirited discussion with the young man on the right

Good view above the crowd

Note the red flags? I think those are the international communists

It can be said: at least there were American flags present

Part of the march that commenced later in the evening

Currency = censorship?

This guy seemed to run out of one the nearby
office buildings, quickly putting on a makeshift rally shirt

Green party members

Another shot of the crowd

Don't think I've ever seen signage vernacular
like this at a Tea Party event

Obama discontent!

Paper mache costumes -- I've seen stuff like this in the Bay Area

What does the sign (at left) even mean? You tell me

Somehow I think it is way more complicated than that

Spooky-looking dude

An outfit that speaks for itself

International socialists, unite!

Tea Party discontent


I hear they don't taste very good

I agree!

View of one of the speakers

Again, it's not that simple

A lot of libertarians and Tea Partiers agree with this


No love for the Tea Party?

At this point an older man started yelling about
international bankers (or something)

Democrat talking points

I've heard this read from a teleprompter before

Tea Party guy!

Tea Party guy II

UPDATED: Head over the Temple of Mut for excellent summary and analysis of the OccupySanDiego event.

UPDATED x2: Great post covering the points of agreement that we have with the Occupy groups from B-Daddy over at SDRostra.com.

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  1. As I sit contemplating my next challenge to the looney lefties and the absurd righties.

    Thinking outside the box, and the strict scripted ideological constraints of a movement mentality takes work.

    Sadly the 99%'ers, and the 1%'ers fail to realize this.

  2. Yeah. You're the only person on Earth who has everything figured out I'm sure.

    Judging from the photos, turnout for the Great American Nothing-in is pretty sparse.

  3. Funny thing Chuck, I was just thinking the same about you.... Given your brilliant insights on your comment streams.


  4. The difference is I'm able to complete a sentence about what I believe. It's called critical thought. You should look into it. Who knows, you might like it.

  5. I may not agree with everything Les says, but I respect him...
    So Chuck with all your "critical thought" ability, why don't we see anything at Top Floors
    Seeings how your able to "complete a sentence about what" you believe... Dazzle us!
    Who knows, you might even make a few friends.

  6. Dude, all that jackass has done is go out of his way to attack me. Either you have standards of behavior you hold people to, or you don't. Which is it, sport? Why aren't you bitching at him?

    Don't bother answering. You've already revealed how honest you are. Thanks for that.

  7. Your welcome,
    And it looks to me like your the one who has gone "out of his way to attack" others here... And I read where Les called you out on this. Constructively.
    When I don't agree with "him" I let him know... With Civility...
    I believe in the freedom of everyone being and doing what they choose within the law. I accept your choice. I just choose not to give it a derogatory label.
    Most who comment here are friendly and civil.

  8. Chuck, I assure you my feelings are far from hurt. I've taken a lot worse sh*t than you offered up. And from better adversaries.

    Substance is a matter for each individual to decide for themselves. In your opinion you think I have offered nothing of substance. Fine. In my opinion I know you have offered little of substance.

    What you have offered is the playground bully attitude with your demeaning comments aimed at several other civil individuals who visit this fine site.

    What you have displayed is little respect for many who disagree with you. Why Tim puts up with it is beyond me. Perhaps it is because he recognizes that left to your own design you will marginalize yourself, rightly so , and become just an inconsequential footnote to yesterdays bad actors.

    Have a good weekend,


  9. Oh, almost forgot... On a completely different note, one closer to this post, many of these pictures remind me of the 1960 drugged up hippies that had little else to do but get high, advocate for Mao or any other brand of collectivism.

    The common cause ought to be elimination of crony capitalism, corporatism, corporate welfare, foreign welfare, eliminating waste and duplicity in Leviathan, and getting our spendthrift government under control. Unfortunately judging from these pictures 70% + appear to be died in the wool collectivists.

  10. Great pictures, Tim.

    So many folks with their faces covered. Never saw that at Tea Parties.

  11. LCR, posted a link to this post on sdrostra. As W.C. Varones points out as well, there are legitimate beefs, but this movement appears to be in the process of being hijacked by the usual leftists. I really appreciate the pictures, because they give cultural context to the protests. Can't trust the media to get this right.

  12. Seems we can't trust the Lame Stream Media to get much of anything right right!

  13. How can the Tea Party and these goons work on common interests when the Tea Party want to go back to the limited government of the constitution while these goons want to sh*t on the constitution and believe the solution is total communism?

  14. .

    The United States government has allowed corporations, whether its oil companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, or whatever, to have the power in the nation under the lie that their rising profits are the key to economic salvation. Now, after decades of corporate-friendly policies, mostly to the detriment of the individual worker, the lie has been made plain. If the Tea Party had not been racist and gun-toting and stupid and easily manipulated from the start, it would have had the same message.

    "We love our country. Why don't you?"

    So whose side are you on, the international corporations and bankers or the people of USA.

    Ema Nymton

  15. How many tea party events have you attended, Ema?

  16. .

    "How many tea party events have you attended, Ema?"

    All that were not organized, sponsored, and hyped by corporate lobbyists.

    Ema Nymton

  17. Ema Nymton, I love our nation, it's the Govt I have an issue with.
    The OWS protestors are right to protest, but the most of them are classless to what the real problem is. They're being manipulated. The best clue to this comes to us from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, main stream media approval, and Obama! If that doesn't make you suspicious, then I would assume you to be part of the problem.

  18. John - Your observations are precisely correct.

    I believe most Americans love their country, conservatives, centrists, libertarians, and liberals alike.

    The crony capitalism and corporatism must go. In that OWS has a valid purpose and the cause is just and rational, and everyone should support that aspect of the movement.

    Beyond that it is suspect. Manipulation by the progressive socialist left is just as real as manipulation of Wall Street, the banks, and our political system by monied interests.

    To believe otherwise is to be naive in MHO.

  19. Occupy rallies I have been to - 1

    Tea Party rallies Emma has been to - 0

    Did you even read the points I made in this post?

    Go to at least 1 rally and I will debate you. Otherwise your vapid DNC/Soros/PMSNBC bobblehead talking points will just be ignored here

  20. not my NamE, is a leftist shill. If you hate corporations, go around your house and find everything you own that was produced by a corporation and burn it in your back yard. (Don't forget the house itself) Maybe you should just burn your house down, and then crawl into the woods and live the life you'd have everyone else living if you had your way.

    "Manipulation by the progressive socialist left is just as real as manipulation of Wall Street, the banks, and our political system by monied interests."

    Sadly, you're unable to see that the dichotomy you hoped to create is a false one. The "progressive socialist left" is chief among the so called "monied interests" in this country. The left plays a shell game and otherwise intelligent people fall for it hook line and sinker. You obviously have.

    The left is the problem. Not ONE of the problems, but THE problem we face as a nation. They are a cancer. They need to be removed from power at every level.

  21. Anyone notice that the 99% look 99%white? I suppose we should assume they're a bunch of Klansmen.

  22. "What you have offered is the playground bully attitude"

    Bully? Really?

    If you're so much the self involved cunt that you consider any affront to your world view as "bullying", then call me your pwn personal honey badger.

    I genuinely don't give a shit.


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