Occupy Anarchy Mob Tries to Storm Air and Space Museum

By Proof

When I first heard that a mob was attempting to take their protest inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, my first reaction was , "Oh, hell no!" I jokingly referred to this mob "storming the Bastille" the other day. From this, I can see it wasn't a joke.

What, pray tell, is the purpose of holding a demonstration inside a museum? If there is something inside they do not like, they are free to demonstrate outside the museum. Why go indoors? So that fewer people can see you?

I suspect that there are more than a few Neo-Luddites in the green weenie/liberal/whackadoo Occupy Anarchy mob. The Air and Space Museum is the crown jewel of American technological achievement. How is whatever they they are protesting of the present economic/political crisis related to the history of air travel and space flight in the US?

Mindlessly chanting "the whole world is watching", when what they are watching is a lawless, unruly, uncivilized mob, attempting to violate the rules of the museum and roughing up anyone who gets in their way is highly counter productive to their cause, whatever that might be. (Some, apparently still haven't figured it out yet!)

As this "movement" progresses (pun intended), we see more and more examples of uncivilized behavior: illegally camping in public parks, refusing to obey the orders of police officers, defecating in public, spraying graffiti on police cars, assaulting people and leaving horrendous mounds of trash* behind them everywhere they go, these people are the antithesis of the Tea Party. If the liberal left and their "Tea Party envy" causes them to embrace these malcontents as the mainstream and motivation for their political party, in lieu of actual ideas to turn the economy around, then more power to them! Everyday Americans will reject this mob mentality, no matter how many "extras" are hired to make the crowds look bigger.

*Isn't it funny how the Mother Gaia, "love the Earth" progressieve crowd seems to be characterized by leaving whatever space they protest (or celebrate) looking like a fifties era landfill?

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  1. Can you fill a fire extinguisher with pepper spray?

  2. I predict there will be a lot more attempts to hold indoor demonstrations in the next 60 - 90 days. Especially in the north.

  3. Let us hope it results in many of these dregs having their asses beat.

  4. Chuck: Worth a shot! Ditto your hope!

    Angela: You're not implying any lack of sincerity on the part of any of these fair weather patriots, are you?


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