The "New Face" of Occupy Wall Street

By Proof

This guy.

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See the Nike "swoosh" on his shoes? Gives a whole new meaning to "Just do it".

Saw another breathless comparison of Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party movement in my Dead Tree Paper today. Looks like this fellow is having a different kind of movement!

Anyone trying to honestly compare, in a favorable light, jerkoffs like this one to the gatherings of people who respect the Constitution and want to see government return to its precepts, must be smoking something from all those "medicinal" shops that keep popping up, that the feds keep wanting to close.

BTW, I wonder why this guy didn't wait for the patrolman who drove this car to be there to admire his work?

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  1. What a great time to have a wrist rocket and some sharp jacks. Onesies! Twoesies! hehe

  2. Occupy Wall Street!?? Uh... I thought it was Cowpie Wall Street... That's very different... never mind.

  3. The "butt" face of Occupy Wall Street!

  4. Hey, I am DooDooEcon...this guy is violating a copyright, trade mark or something!! Maybe this is the same lefty that threw doo doo all over my home a few months back...or maybe they all have similar I.Q. to chimps and it is pure, inevitable coincidence.

  5. When you said the new face of the occupiers of Wall Street, I was expecting Lenin/Stalin hybrid. This makes the hybrid look like a saint.

  6. madmath: This guy is a barbarian, much like those that tried to storm the Air and Space museum in DC.

    He is a disgusting vermin. He just illustrates that better than most.

  7. Huh... didn't think I'd find much of anything in common with the "protest things we're too dumb to actually understand" crowd, but apparently at least some of them share my disdain for the government revenue collectors and enforcers. Also, points for irony: calling for more government control while taking a dump on the symbol of everything you're protesting to strengthen. There's some humor here, at least.


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