More Partisan Cheap Shots from "He Who Shall Not Be Re-elected™"

By Proof

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Hand in hand with the Emperor's New Jobs Bill, is this part of He Who Shall Not Be Re-elected's radio address:

It is time for Congress to get its act together and pass this jobs bill so I can sign it into law.

Some Republicans in Congress have said that they agree with certain parts of this jobs bill. If so, it’s time for them to tell me what those proposals are. And if they’re opposed to this jobs bill, I’d like to know what exactly they’re against.

Some Republicans?? What about Democrats in the Senate? Democrats hold a majority of seats in the Senate, and so far, Harry Reid won't touch this bill with a ten foot pole.

It is extremely hypocritical for the President to single out Republicans, as though they were the only thing holding this ruinous (and erroneously named) tax bill back.

Obama is in full campaign mode. His so called "jobs bill" is just more hype, designed to be a poison pill for the Republicans, which he hopes will boost his re-election chances in 2012. The plight of unemployed Americans is not on Mr. Obama's agenda, except as an obstacle to his second term.

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  1. On the one hand, the Democrats on the Committee of 12 Idiots say TALK ,TAX INCREASES FIRST..... while on the other hand, Obama is 'demanding' his 'jobs' bill [ed. note: ROFLMAO] be passed and Durbin - the #2 Dem in the Senate [ed. note: the perfect caption for Durbin - #2] says he and the other Dem senators up for re-election in 2012 won't vote for a 'tax bill'.... psssssssssstttt‼!

    WHY ARE THE REPUBLICANS NOT ALL OVER THIS like flies on a cow patty????

  2. Firebird: With the target rich environment that is the Obama administration, it is always puzzling why the Republicans don't respond better or more effectively.

  3. This is an Axelrod ploy - propose a phantom "jobs bill". When jobs fail to materialize, blame the Republicans for failing to pass it. If jobs magically appear, take credit for them regardless of what he did or did not do.

    Republicans must stay on the offensive, reminding voters that Obama's policies inhibit job growth, and any job improvement came from them stopping the Obama agenda.

    They should show a commercial of Pelosi's gavel stomping out jobs, Reid as the schoolmaster, and Obama feeding the middle class into the meat grinder like in Pink Floyd's, The Wall.

    Firebird is right. We should exploit all of Obama's.failures relentlessly and stop attacking our own candidates. Perry, Romney, Paul, Gingrich, Palin, Bachman - I don't care who succeeds Obama, as long as he is watching a Republican swear on the Bible in January, 2013!

  4. Republicans should have only one response to brakabama every time he engages in this vile crap. Simply remind the American people that he is a filthy scumbag liar and that until he decides to behave as somethiong other than a filthy scumbag liar, nothing he says or recommends will be taken seriously. I'd go so far as to invite the bony little maggot to apologize to the American people for the unending stream of lies he's spewed all over them and then invite him to promise to quit being a filthy liar in the future. I'd say it every time some democrat twerp reporter asked me a question.

    The democrat party is populated by the scum of this earth. The republicans need to be reminding people of this glaring truth non stop. There is no one in this country in or out of prison more corrupt than wee lord brakabama. It needs to be said over and over and over and over.

  5. And to those who claim that such a tack will turn off independents, I say bullshite. They might stay home, but they won't wait in line to vote for the crappiest excuse for a president in the history of this republic. The sensibilities of so called independents is greatly overrated anyway. In the year 2012, if you're a democrat it's because you think the wrong side won the cold war. If you can't decide between the democrats and the republicans, it sure as hell isn't because you have a lot going on upstairs. Quite the opposite.

  6. Nick: I agree. This "jobs bill" is pure political theater on Obama's part. "Boob bait for the bubbas" is the term, I believe!

    Chuck: I believe we should put forth a solid and forceful defense, but you catch more flies with honey, etc. We don't want to appear to be just a different flavor of the name callers on the left.

    Their record is appalling enough to turen off a majority of voters if we just present it honestly, passionately and often. IMHO.

  7. Pointing out that brakabama is a liar who tells lies isn't name calling. Bush wound up where he did because he did nothing to counter the left's lies. Honestly, that was his biggest fault. He was so self-confident, he figured he didn't need to defend himself. He was wrong and the country is suffering because of his folly. Brakabama is basically following Bush's policy in Iraq and Afghanistan. No one is protesting, though. Republicans say nothing about it, though.

    It's so easy if they'd just do it.

  8. "Pointing out that brakabama is a liar who tells lies isn't name calling."

    No. But "filthy scumbag liar" is.

    Work on "subtlety".

  9. For what it's worth... Chuck has developed a reputation where I look over his comments. I see little difference in his demeanor and the average liberal loon...

  10. "Work on "subtlety". "
    The truth about who these people are isn't subtle in any way. In fact, it's quite stark. They need to be referred to as what they are. They are crappy people. They have evil aims.

  11. "For what it's worth"

    It's worth nothing. Your problem is with the truth.


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