Mitt in The Tank

"Republicans may have found their Michael Dukakis, a technocratic Massachusetts governor..."

What will they think when they finally learn about Romneycare?
Among those Republicans who actually expressed an opinion on Romneycare, the results weren't even close: 23 percent said they had an unfavorable view of the law, compared with just 3 percent who had a positive view. That's a nearly 8 to 1 margin of opposition to the law that was Romney's signature legislative accomplishment as governor.

What's working to Romney's advantage, however, is that a whopping 70 percent of Republicans surveyed said they didn't know enough about the law to have an opinion. (Among all Americans, it was even higher at 76 percent.)
The history of "Dukakis in the tank."


  1. 70 percent didn't know enough? Where have they been burying THEIR heads? Are we that ignorant, corrupt, or just plain in denial? All you need to know about mitten care is two things and it will derail Mittens nomination on the GOP ticket (if it doesn't then I give up on the country and its voters): 1, Mitten care was the foundation for BO care, and 2, Mass. is nearly bankrupt because of it. Does any conservative really think Mittens will do anything to overturn the legislation that was based on his legacy in Mass.? If anyone can't see he, like Perry, are leftist RINO's, then we're in a hell of a lot of trouble because the meltdown of the country will continue no matter who wins. The only difference will be the speed and degree.

  2. @madmath1 It's really astonishing that most Republicans don't know about Romneycare. Clearly we have much work to do.

  3. Time to wake some people up. We need to make the tea party tsunami of 2010 look like a ripple.

  4. "What will they think when they finally learn about Romneycare?"

    As in "finally learn" that it was written by democrat legislature that would have passed it even if Pat Buchanan had been governor? Is that what you want people to learn? Finally?

  5. Well as for me, I've learned that too many people have their heads in the sand! or other places...

  6. @Chuck

    ...when they finally learn how bad Romneycare is, and they learn that we call it Romneycare becauase Mitt Romney put his signature on it.


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