"I saw him sticking his legs under the bike to make it appear he was run over"

By Proof

First thing, note the very first sound you hear on the video is the officer's horn as he tries to make his way through the crowd. Here's an experiment for you liberals: Stand in the street and ignore any horns you hear, no matter how close you think they might be. (I direct this experiment at liberals, because most conservatives already know the answer to this one!)

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screen shot 1

Second, it appears in one frame that the man vying for the Occupy Academy Award has his feet in front of the scooter's front wheel. The officer's foot is on the ground. The man is on the ground screaming. The video is obscured by the crowd and then we see the man on the ground, screaming with his foot in front of the rear tire, and we have an eyewitness who said, "I saw him sticking his legs under the bike to make it appear he was run over".

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screen shot 2

Note too, when the bike stops, it rocks the tiniest bit forward, as the shocks absorb what's left of the scooter's slow speed forward motion. It seems to me, that if the scooter had run over anything as large as the supposed victim's foot or leg, there would have been some residual up and down motion on the shocks as one sees when driving over a speed bump or pothole.

And third, this guy was a lawyer. I wonder if his specialty is "slip and fall"?

I've seen better acting in the NBA when a player is trying to draw a foul.

Update: From another account:
Wrenching screams can be heard before Ari Douglas, a legal observer from the National Lawyers Guild, is seen on the street with his left foot wedged under the front wheel of the scooter near Maiden Lane.

A few frames later, Douglas is seen thrashing on the ground and screaming with his right foot pinned beneath the scooter's back wheel.

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  1. This is out of hand - far beyond what anyone meant when they said "free speech" and "freedom to assemble."

    "Assemble" and "occupy" are not synonyms. I can't believe we tolerate this BS. Where are the water cannons and riot control gas?

    As Mayor Daley called the '68 protesters: "Fakers!"

  2. The guy obviously studied soccer to learn how to be a crying pussy. He should have had his ass beat just for being such a drama queen.

  3. So expected and predictable.

    I mean, let's be honest here: these are liberal wanna-be hippies, walking on American soil with all their anti-American "anger", waiting for the right time and the right cameras to capture their "struggle".

    This only happens in urban areas. In small towns like mine, if a buncha people got together to "protest", they would be shooed away for being nuisances and no one would tolerate their childish behavior.

  4. One can only imagine the sense of pride the POTUS is having over all this...
    (shakes head in total shame)

  5. Actually, the most conclusive evidence may be the expression on the officer's face: he didn't have that little "I just ran over a hippie lawyer" smile!

  6. .

    "So expected and predictable."

    Then maybe, just maybe, _you_ are being played for a fool by those who are feeding you the line.

    Ema Nymton

  7. "Then maybe, just maybe, _you_ are being played for a fool by those who are feeding you the line."

    So sayeth the deceitful loaf of excrement that calls itself not my NamE. Trust? Prolly not.


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