Governor Moonbeam Brown and California's "Dream Act"...

by: Les Carpenter
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While OWS has been grabbing headlines all over America the retread governor of the Peoples Socialist Republic of California is continuing to prove he is clueless. Well, to be fair he actually does know a lot about battiness.

In his most recent bat crap craziness Jerry {Moonbeam} Brown has just signed into law the "California Dream Act." This bat excrement parchment of legislative progressive idiocy grants illegal aliens financial aid at public universities and community colleges, compliments of the taxpayers of what once was the Golden State of California.

From the Los Angeles Times...

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday granted illegal immigrants access to state financial aid at public universities and community colleges, putting California once again in the center of the nation's immigration debate.

But he vetoed a measure that would have allowed state universities to consider applicants' race, gender and income to ensure diversity in their student populations.

Deciding the fate of 50 education-related bills, the governor also rejected an effort to make it more difficult to establish charter schools. But he accepted a move to improve college life for gays, lesbians and bisexual and transgender people and a measure to restrict the privatization of libraries.

None of the other proposals, however, has drawn the attention — or rancor — surrounding the California Dream Act...

"Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking," Brown said in a statement. "The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us."

Beginning in 2013, illegal immigrants accepted by state universities may receive assistance from Cal-Grants, a public program that last year provided aid to more than 370,000 low-income students.

The new law also makes students who are not legally in the country eligible for institutional grants while attending the University of California and California State University systems. And it permits them to obtain fee waivers in the community college system.

Altruism has achieved it's finest moment. Out of a sense of "fairness" the very progressive democratic state legislature and Mr. Moonbeam have decided that the working taxpayers of California ought to foot the bill for Illegal Immigrants to ghet a university or college education. Because it is "a dream that promises intellectual excitement", I'm sure it does. Especially as the bill gets sent to the taxpayers.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-San Bernardino) nails it...
"It's morally wrong . We have just created a new entitlement that is going to cause tens of thousands of people to come here illegally from all over the world."

To which I would add... Morally wrong by every conceivable consideration.

What is most disconcerting is that the United States at large is being ever so certainly nudged by the same altruistic progressive to enact similar legislation as law of the land. To which every citizen that values their liberty ought to rise up against and insure this ill advised craziness never becomes the law of thew land.

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  1. The state doesn't have enough money to fund education as it stands, so now they will subsidize a whole new group of people, in this case illegal immigrants. It is well known that tuition for community and state schools has risen sharply in recent years. This guarantees the trend will continue. It also provides further incentive for illegal migration into the state of California.

  2. It's suicide. The people of California despise themselves. The only word for it is decadence.

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  4. "Decadence or abject stupidity. "

    There's plenty of stupidity everywhere, but there's only one California. I think it's a cultural thing. Self-hatred is the only thing that explains it. Shame. I don't think it's in the water. I've met plenty of people from California, and they don't seem a stupid lot to me. It's the left. They control California and now it is what it is. And it didn't take that long.

    I'm reminded of my oldest son's voyage to Colorado a couple of years ago. He sold his car and took off with a friend to go live in Denver. Things didn't pan out. He eventually found a job as a street hustler for Greenpeace. (he's kind of a hippie) Thing is, he was disillusioned most by the people he met every day. He grew up in a little mountain town in North Georgia and thought people were pretty much all the same, then he went out there and it just depressed the hell out of him. He was truly shocked at what a bunch of assholes populated that city.

    He's back home now, thank God. Still a hippie, but a polite one. hehe

  5. Completely unrelated; Slowhand has to be one of the best albums ever made. I've got it playing and I'm amazed that I forgot about it.

  6. Interesting Chuck.

    My father, age 79 and his significant other are touring the U.S. right now. They happen to be in California at this point, the Redwood forest to be exact. He called tonight and we were discussing my post and its substance. He made the same observations you did. He finds that Californians are great people in general, and judging from his discussions with many Californians he has met he said most would agree with the points of my post.

    It must be a minority of moonbats are controlling the state then. Agree?

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  8. Wow, I'm surprised there hasn't been an exodus from a state I once though I wanted to move to.

    California may even be worse than the Great Democratic Socialist Republic of Massachusetts.

    The only two things keeping me here is my wonderful and beautiful wife and my 3 year old grandson.

    Other than that the state{s} {political climate} pretty much stinks.

  9. "There should be a nationwide class action lawsuit to make sure that every state has adequate checks into the eligibility of voting. Since every national representative and every presidential vote affects everyone, any voter in the nation would have standing. "

    Amen. It is easy to defend politically, but the gutless wonders who populate the republican party won't do it. The argument that non whites can't be expected to show identification BECAUSE they aren't white is a blatantly racist proposition, yet it's routinely made by the left and they're never called on it. This is across the board racism too. Just about every policy prescription the democrat party offers is based on the notion that white people constitute a master race that is genetically superior to all others. (except Asians, of course, because they're "ultra-white") The proverbial race card would be gone if republicans would simply take it away. They're afraid, though.

  10. Chuck - Spot on, well said! You nailed it.


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