Dotting The 'i'

By LCR Contributor Barrell Rider

Fall rapidly descended onto San Diego County this week. Temps dropped from the mid-seventies to the mid-sixties bringing with it light precipitation, the kind you smell more than you see or feel. The change in season here is nothing like the Midwest; instead it is more of a slightly cooler version of Hawaii, with much cooler water! But the change in weather is apropos; it perfectly coincides football season. And not merely the beginning of the season mind you, conference play has begun!

With my Pac Twelve/SEC bias, I liken Big Ten (or whatever it may be called henceforth) football to watching paint dry; you know a slower less exhilarating form of the sport.

One thing is for certain: the Big Ten fans love their teams. I would never question the love or loyalty Midwesterners have for their college football. After all most of the largest sporting venues in North America call Big Ten Campuses home!

Case in point ‘The Horshoe’ in Columbus Ohio is home to The Ohio State University Buckeye football team. It seats just over 102,000 fans and there is rarely an empty seat on game day. Paul Jansen, an associate professor of physiology and cell biology and an associate professor in cardiovascular medicine at Ohio State University has created a surreal replica of the stadium using Legos. This amazing piece of work boasts around 1 million Lego pieces, (the sole building component) taking over 1,000 hours to construct.

The structure is divided into ten pieces and some even weigh as much as 50 pounds. Much research was done prior to and during construction. From restroom plumbing built from the pipes of Lego trucks, to the dotting of the ‘i’ on the scoreboard, the attention to detail is fantastic.

One thing is for certain, this structure is certainly worthy of ‘legends’ status!

CLICK HERE for more pictures of the Legoshoe.

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