Cindy Sheehan Occupies Sacramento

By Proof

...with plans on getting arrested at midnight tonight.

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Somehow believing her fifteen minutes of fame is not up yet, Cindy Sheehan arrived in Sacramento to try to give her otherwise meaningless life some kind of meaning while she milks the crowd for as much attention as she can get.

Back in May of this year, she was protesting here, too.

Noted peace activist Cindy Sheehan said Thursday she's "willing to be arrested" as part of a large protest planned for next week at the state Capitol. "I've never been arrested in California before," Sheehan said.

And in case she's still waiting for that first California arrest, she plans on staying in Cesar Chavez park past the midnight curfew.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- "Occupy Sacramento" expects more than 1,000 people Saturday to march to the Capitol and the downtown area.

Arrests are expected in the evening.

Organizers have been urging people to protest across the globe and across the country. Sacramento is just one of many cities joining the movement Saturday.

Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan will speak at 2 p.m. at Cesar Chavez Park.

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  1. Frankly, it would be a consummation devoitly to be wished if all of these annoying tools -- including this person whose 15 minutes was seemingly in another era -- would grow more obnoxious and persist into 2012. Then the public's annoyance with them woudd be a fresh memory by the time the campaigns started next year.

  2. When I Googled "Cindy Sheehan - Sacramento" it appears that not only has she been haunting the place since at least April, her plans, and those of her vermin infested friends are to be here for a long time.

  3. She needs a good old fashioned #ucking. Who couldn't feel sorry for her? I'm sure there are plenty of Charlie Browns out there who'd love to get all up in that Peppermint Patty.

    Should straws be drawn?

  4. I need a little mind bleach after that image, Chuck.


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