(VIDEO) Free Speech: Liberals Demand New Orleans Anti-Obama Signs Be Taken Down

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If you really want to see what generations of the liberal mentality does to an individual's brain and soul simply (especially in the African-American community) watch this video:

So... a private citizen is displaying private property anti-Obama signs and local Jesse-Jackson-type libs want it taken down. Even shameless race-baiter Ray Nagin showed up to "discuss" the situation with the property owner.

Memorable quotes transcribed from the video:

Local media
: "what some say is in bad taste, others call free speech." (Could the media be any stupider? Bad taste = free speech. Good taste = free speech. Free speech = free speech. End. Of. Discussion).

Local citizen: "It disrespects the nation and President Barack Obama represents our nation... everybody, not some people." (In other words, I don't like it so it needs to come down).

Local citizen #2: "He wouldn't do dat to dah Bush, it's insulting and we mean that it's going to have to be taken down." (translated: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton told me so).

Local citizen #3: "This is nothing but pure Raaaaaacism!" (but of course, the first and last refuge of libtard scoundrels).

Orwellian New Orleans city councilwoman Susan Guidry: "We have to determine that there is a zoning law that prohibits perhaps the size of the sign; the way that it is erected, perhaps that it is leaning over onto public property, whatever we can use, we will." (Translated: meet the pinched-face of fascism, her name is "zoning law").

These people are no different than the "home of the 1960s free speech movement" Berkeley-types here in California that scream "1st Amendment!" yet rabidly decry against anything their close-minded pea-sized brains can't comprehend, insisting that "hate speech" is not "free speech."

Not holding my breath for the ACLU to take up the Timothy Reily's case.

View photos of the anti-Obama signs here.

Hat-tip: Memeorandum.


  1. My lord! These "blacks" are insulting. Wouldn't do it to Bush? Are they stupid, crazy, or downright evil? Those signs are nothing compared to the ones like code stink and other libtards had made, posted, and uploaded on the internet. They were so evil and perverted that there's no way the media, even had they choose to, could ever air them. Like the one where Palin was being raped by the VP was one of the most sickening I've ever seen. Yet, they have issues with THIS! Where were they when Bush was being compared to Hitler or the Devil himself? Calling for his death or comparing him to terrorists? Nothing but crickets. Now that it's the one, and let's face it, it's only because he's black that it's an issue, it's "disrespectful to the nation and the office of the Presidency". When did these clowns ever have any love for the nation? That is, like the wookie in chief, Michelle, that they were ashamed of their country til a black man was elected. Nothing but a bunch of racist two faced bigots in my opinion, but hey, black bigotry has been revered for 40 years now, so why should it stop now? As for respecting the office, they had NONE while Bush was in office and frankly, respect is something that's earned, not given. Especially to give such respect for a failed President just because of his skin color. If that's not the definition of racist, then what is?

  2. The words of the city counsel woman was quite telling... "We're gonna have to look for ways to make him take them down"... (not exact words, but what she eluded to)
    People who prefer their politicians to 'think' for them - deserve the government they get.


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