Today's Top Ten Decisions

by: Les Carpenter
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I've decided the following... 1} That being an individual with the desire to achieve things in life based only on my efforts and merit is stupid, 2} that maintaining a strong sense of personal responsibility for my failures as well as my successes is by far too stressful, 3} that the individual is better served when a collective tells him or her what to think and value, 4] it is much better to allow the government to control my money than it is for me to maintain control, 5) that it is by far better to be concerned with the interests of everyone else than it is to be concerned with my own rational self interest, 6] that the concept of liberty is too old fashioned and therefore irrelevant to modern realities, after all... freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose... 7} that objective and rational thinking is much to tedious, emotionalism driven by a heightened sense of altruism should become the new order in America, 8} that reason no longer has a place in modern society, rather mysticism and a belief in the unknowable will provide by far better answers, if we just believe, 9} that the real conceptual meaning of the word minority today is... the smallest mob with the most political pull, 10} That believing in any, or all of the above is confirmation that the individual has ceased to exist and chosen the death of the self.

Anyone other than me see where progressive thought ultimately and logically leads to? Perhaps it is just late. Or perhaps it's just me...

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  1. Since the logic of progressives is logic is fallacy, life is death, and collectivism is individualism, I figure H G wells should modify his big brother theme.


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