(PHOTOS) Great White Photographed at Swami's

By the Left Coast Rebel

Beach closures, shark-bitten dead seals washing up on shores, numerous dorsal fin spottings... just what is in the water in San Diego this summer?

Apparently quite a few Great White sharks.

This photo was taken yesterday (August 31) at the popular Swami's surf spot here in San Diego (hat tip c/o CBS 8 San Diego, not used here for commercial purposes). Is it a fake? If not, it clearly shows a medium-size Great White "hanging-ten" at Swami's:

Coupla things: I've been in this water. Numerous times. Did these surfers see it, too? Also, this shark is pretty bold -- usually they stay away from shallow waters close to shore.

has the original higher-res photo and the rest of the story.



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