Liberal Republican Traitor Scorches Earth

After sucking from warm Republican teats for 16 years, a bitter Mike Lofgren is walking way from a six-figure sinecure to impress his liberal friends by trashing conservatives with his dulcet prose:
I left because I was appalled at the headlong rush of Republicans, like Gadarene swine, to embrace policies that are deeply damaging to this country's future...
His primary complaint with Democrats is that they've failed to stop the Republicans. His real gripe with the GOP is that a sizable minority of that group refuse to worship with him at the alter of bloated government.

Small government seems to represent a very specific and personal threat to Lofgren:
...the GOP now thinks it is only fair that public-sector workers give up their pensions and benefits, too. Hence the intensification of the GOP's decades-long campaign of scorn against government workers. Under the circumstances, it is simply safer to be a current retiree rather than a prospective one.
You'll be delighted to know that while harboring his deep seated hatred for conservative Republicans, Lofgren made $143,034.90 working for Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee in 2010. He continued raking in the cash this year. Between October of 2001 and March of 2011, Lofgren took home at least $1,239,421.91 of the taxpayers' fisc. Do you think we got enough bang for our buck?

Liberals seem to be getting their money's worth. His latest screed is jam-packed with all of the graphic contents of every left wing nut job's wettest dreams:

Tea Party -- hostage takers, mentally unstable. Reagan -- demagogue. Conservative talk radio -- rabidly ideological, belligerent. Koch Brothers -- enemies of all that is good and holy. Paul Ryan -- wants to Granny to die. Limbaugh -- shrill. Krugman -- sage. MSM -- too conservative.

One of Lofgren' most interesting accusations is that the Republican party is working feverishly to disenfranchise as many voters as possible:
...domestically, they don't want those people voting. You can probably guess who those people are. Above all, anyone not likely to vote Republican. As Sarah Palin would imply, the people who are not Real Americans. Racial minorities. Immigrants. Muslims. Gays. Intellectuals.
Curiously, Lofgren makes this unsubstantiated accusation while relentlessly decrying the ever-present nuisance of "GED level," "low-information voters" who scurry to the polls in droves to vote for the strangely seductive sock puppets of the evil, warmongering conservative Christian plutocracy.

In remarking on the Democrats' stunning defeat in 2010, Lofgren suggests that the election results were a misrepresentation of the voters' wishes:
There were only 44 million Republican voters in the 2010 mid-term elections, but they effectively canceled the political results of the election of President Obama by 69 million voters.
Earth to Lofgren: You snooze, you loose.

It really is a shame that Lofgren is such a craven little fink. His writing skills are quite enviable. He could have done a lot of good with that. Maybe George Soros will make good use of him.

Mike Lofgren, you are a contemptable troll. Enjoy all the pats on the back while you're making your rounds on the liberal cocktail circuit, you slime.

By the way, Lofgren, you look a little young for retirement. Did you retire, or were you fired?


  1. I know you'll love this vid. Two minutes you can't get back...but it ain't like you were doing shit anyway.

  2. Yes, but he's kind of proving the TEA Party's point - the current GOP Elite that he associates himself with aren't really conservatives.


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