"know-it-alls who have all the right answers."

By the Left Coast Rebel

It's not as bad as what Obama buddy Al Capone Jimmy Hoffa said, or what Vice President Joe Biden said, or what Maxine Waters said or what Jesse Jackson said, or what the lamestream press has been saying over and over and over...

Nevertheless, who do you think said this about the Tea Party?

-- "know-it-alls who have all the right answers."

Answer: Speak John Boehner.

Is John Boehner throwing the Tea Party under the bus?

Nope: he's just doing what what his record indicates he would do.

Hat-tip Think Progress (of all places).

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  1. His record indicated that he would throw the Tea Party under the bus. He did that with that stupid so called compromise of the debt ceiling which Obama and this RINO house has used up nearly half of in just 2 short months (that's assuming Stimulus 2 ISN'T passed and I can't count on the RINO's to do the right thing). Now, without Bush to kick around anymore, they're blaming the Tea Party for everything and that's on BOTH sides. Tell me the government isn't the problem, ugh!


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