It's Time For A Big Old American Divorce

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Don't worry, me and the missus are fine, still getting along great after 28 + years together and almost 19 years of marriage, we're as happy together as peanut butter and Fluff. Rather it is our republic that is much in need of a divorce as we as a people are suffering from serious irreconcilable differences.

Listening to the talk shows from the left and the right has drawn me to this sad conclusion.

Those on the left are convinced that anyone who believes in limited government, personal freedom and the free market is a racist, corporatist shill who would rather see their fellow human being suffer in poverty and poor health as a slave to the rich. Conversely, those on the right firmly believe that their opposites are socialist nanny-staters who want nothing more than to be layabouts while big government pays for their every want and whim.

So here's my suggestion; you go your way and I'll go mine. No alimony or support; we'll just go our separate ways because there is no middle ground.

And this is the beauty of the founder's vision for our republic, think of it as a Free State Project on a grand scale.

For those that desire to be part of a collective where all resources are shared and distributed equally, where cradle-to-grave government is the desired way of life and strict regulation of business is the norm, you will have your utopian dream. You will not have anything that you can call your own but your state governments will feed you, clothe you, educate you, employ you, care for you when your sick, manage your roads and infrastructure and do all those other thing that you don't want to worry about.

Meanwhile those of us who believe in the less is more policy of governance, we'll opt out of that. We'll be self sufficient; if we want something we'll pay for it. We'll feed, house and support ourselves taking care of those close to us who are in need, education; we decide the curriculum, have to travel; we'll pay the toll, want to fly; no TSA, a business screws us over; they'll go broke from lack of patrons, want protection; we'll pay for that too but we'll mainly rely on ourselves and neighbors. Anything that government can do, we can do better.

Of course there'll be different shades of red and blue and sure we'll still be together as the United States with some need of a military to protect the nation and a system of courts to enforce contract and property law along with settling disputes among the states.

Short of that, we'd be separate but equal; 50 laboratories of innovation all with different levels of state control. Don't get me wrong, we would still interact and trade based on agreements we'll make freely and fairly but at the end of the day you got what you wanted and I'll have what I want.

This may seem unrealistic, but it is really the only way that we can resolve our irreconcilable differences and respect each others points of view before things fall apart and it turns into one big, ugly culture war.


  1. Great post, unfortunately echoes 100% many of the thoughts I have had on the "irreconcilable divide" between those that want to be free and those who want to be led and are willing to give up the majority of their liberties doing so.

  2. Reb

    It's sad to say but I don't see any other way.

    The funny thing is we only have to look toward blue states like CA, MA and NY to see how those who will choose big gubmint will fare.

    And that's why the left would never go for my proposal, there'd be no one to bail them out.


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