IBD: 38% of Independents Think Obama Deserves Reelection

By the Left Coast Rebel

Nothing more than the continuance of an overall trend -- The Won is Toast with independents:

(IBD)...only 38% of independents think he deserves to be re-elected, with 53% feeling that someone new deserves a chance.

These are key findings from an IBD/TIPP poll conducted in early September.

Independents are particularly harsh in their view of the president's economic stewardship. Job losses have hurt independent households, and jobs will be their primary concern when they pull the lever in 2012.

The ineffectiveness of the president's stimulus package has also diminished independents' confidence in the government's ability to grow the economy.

In 2008, Obama carried independents by a decisive 52% to 44% margin and took 30 states. In 2004, John Kerry narrowly won independents over George Bush 49% to 48%, reversing Bush's 47% to 45% win against Al Gore in 2000.

Discussion at Memeorandum.


  1. I am truly surprised that it still remains that high. Looking for further downdrafts as Obama gets desperate...

  2. It's shocking that 38% of independents actually want to re-elect this clown.


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