Hidden Gems of a Victor Davis Hanson Pajamas Media Column

Image: Victor Davis Hanson

By the Left Coast Rebel

I always enjoy a good Victor Davis Hanson piece (and they're all good) but often the real gems to be gleaned from his words are found not of his pen but hiding to be found in the comment sections paralleling his work.

For example, I caught Hanson's Work and Days column published three days ago at PJM...

Hanson writes of Chairman Zero (literally and figuratively -- as in Chairman-zero-to-negative-job-growth) in a piece titled, "Zero Jobs 101 -- the Psychology of Alienating Employers."

I read the piece and noted that over 200 people were chiming in. I knew I could glean some real reader-thought treats.

For example, this individual claiming to be a business owner writes:

We’re not hiring, not expanding, not investing in growth and definitely not giving raises. More than a few have yet to reinstate drastic management and executive salary cuts instituted in 2008/09 as basic business-saving measures.

Obama has transformed an already risk-filled medium-small-micro business landscape into a bog of quicksand peppered with hidden landmines. Move ahead, you sink. Step right, you blow up. Each real or threatened regulation, each new attack, each tax-spend sound byte, each luxury campaign-trip-cum-vacation simply dumps more quicksand, pre-seeded with more landmines, into the bog – which extends as far as the eye can see.

Perhaps I’m just quibbling, but it’s not a sitdown strike. We show up and perform every day, no matter how much sleep we’ve lost to worry the night before, or how many hats we now wear to offset a radically reduced staff.

More than a few of us are suffering from battle fatigue, and the most pressing question of the day remains: Can we hang on another 12 (15, 18) months? It remains to be seen.

Smart stuff, scary and extremely saddening. I know this business owner's story because I live it as well as do many small-medium business owners I know. There are hundreds of thousands of us. We are weary and downtrodden. Our government has done everything in its bag-of-Satanic-tricks to destroy us.

We are the unspoken-for masses that the Leviathan steamrolls and destroys without even blinking an eye. We are just cogs of a Socialist Wheel.

Scrolling down, the comments at Hanson's piece get better; or heartbreaking; or shocking; or maddening.

It all depends on your perspective; your sense of liberty; your notion of what America was; even in recent memory.

Peruse all 250 comments, 80+ threads and over a dozen trackbacks; take in what everyday main-street folk state about the state of our nation and the man in the White House heralding "change" and just what the mess our benevolent government created means to average people.

Food for thought, work and days.

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