Conditioning Americans For A Police State

Armed Amtrak officer at Penn Station in NYC 9/9/11
By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

I'm a little tired and grumpy today so if you are expecting some cheery remembrance of 9/11, you are in the wrong place. Yes the events of ten years ago were horrible and those who were behind the attacks deserve a special place in hell.

America changed on that day, but not for the better. Unfortunately, Leviathan has used it as a convenient excuse to strip us of our freedoms via the PATRIOT Act and by putting us under the watchful eye of Big Sis along with other usurpations of our freedoms.

Tens years later our overlords are using the false flag of a new terror threat to heighten security across the nation. Heavily armed police, in full battle regalia, have been patrolling the streets of NYC for days, in anticipation of another attack, airports are on high alert and the mediots are playing the drama to the hilt.

Remember, on 9/11/01 and before, the USAF didn't even have fighters armed and at the ready, as a former pilot who was set to intercept Flight 93, points out. Our government and military were completely surprised by the use of commercial jets as weapons and were still stuck in the Cold War mentality where there would be time to prepare.

The reason for my annoyance today is that I had the misfortune of having to fly today. This was my eighth flight in four weeks, six if which I was lucky enough to get the full-body X-ray treatment, but once I got to the airport I knew today was going to be different. When I arrived there were TSA drones milling about even before you got to the security checkpoint and what seemed to be double the usual amount both at the checkpoint and past it. Granted, this was my first time through Sacramento's airport but it is on the smaller side and there was definitely more of a TSA presence than I've seen at larger airports on a regular day. Given all this, I was actually surprised there were no heavily armed stormtroopers roaming about also.

Everything was proceeding as normal but as we lined up for the Southwest cattle call, two TSA agents began meandering through the crowd, with one woman having everyone that had a bottle of water open it so she could hold, what appeared to be a test strip, above the opening. The other, a guy, just followed distantly behind writing on an 8.5 x 11 notepad as she did the tests.

Further back, away from the gate, two other TSA agents were observing all of us while randomly engaging some of my fellow travelers. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the jetway a twenty-something TSA goon stood there with his arms folded, trying to look intimidating and "greeted" us as we entered the tunnel.

Five TSA folk for one lil old flight, boy did I feel safer.

Now I could turn this into a rant about how the terrorists have "won" by making us look under every rock for a boogy man that doesn't exist or as bin-Laden was want, to bankrupt us by forcing us to fight expensive wars on his terms. After all, the terrorists would like nothing more to see America as land of the broke and home of the scared.

Nor will I make this an opportunity to point to the words of the terrorists that show in no small part that our interventionist foreign policies are the root cause of their wish to destroy us. I'm in no mood today to defend myself against those who would label me as being part of the "blame America first" crowd.

Instead, as the title of this post suggests, I believe that this is just another in a long line of steps that our federal overlords are taking to condition us to be subservient little sheeple in their ever expanding police state. They are getting us used to the sight of heavily armed para-military forces on the streets and airports and subways. I wonder how soon it will be before those blue TSA outfits turn black and they themselves are armed. There will be more and more reminders that only Big Sis can guard over us and protect us as they cover us like one big security binky.

As usual, government creates the problem and then tells us that they are the only ones capable of solving it.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that "[t]hey who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." except today, the liberty that we have surrendered in the name of safety has not led us to be any more safe. The world has always been a very dangerous place but it took a tragic event like 9/11 to open our eyes to our naïveté and hubris.

We cannot let our fears, real or manufactured, be used by Leviathan as a convenient excuse to enslave us, all under the guise of protection.


  1. Patriot, well said. Even though I am former military and current government employee, you echo my complaint.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. I doubt there was really a "credible" threat to begin with and it was just a big experiment to see how well people in Manhattan would tolerate Big Brother. Turns out the experiment was a huge success. What they learned about this in the past couple of days will be remembered for future use.


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