Wisconsin Election Results: Statist-Government-Union-Complex Smackdown

By the Left Coast Rebel

It appears that tens of millions of dollars of wide-eyed leftist thug propaganda (in which the entire Democrat party union/machine had a major vested interest in) was dealt a severe blow. Yesterday's Wisconsin recall election results are in and it ain't pretty for taxpayer teat-sucking union thugs in the state and across the nation.

Dan Riehl reports:

Online polls watchers on the Right had all but conceded a 3 - 3 push in Wisconsin's battle for six State Senate seats late last night. But true to form, Midnight became witching hour, bedeviling Progressive Democrats left to spit, foam, fume, sputter and attempt to spin a win. The GOP came away with a 4 - 2 seat edge; however, a closer look at results makes the Democrat defeat all the more clear.

But what's this? In 2008, Obama won Milwaukee 68.2% - 31.8% over McCain. That's right, for all the anti-Walker and GOP outrage, all the blather, protests, media coverage and huge union dollars thrown in ... and away, in Milwaukee, the GOP upped it's percentage of the vote by 6 whole points over the last presidential election on the Democrat's home turf, Milwaukee.

Progressive Democrats can try and spin it however they like, with everything they put into it, there's no way this represents a win for anti-Walker forces in Wisconsin. If the tide were running against Walker, they would have done better in Milwaukee, not a full 6% worse.

Voters Going Galt in anything but a deep-red state? I wonder what this spells for Chairman SEIU Obama? For more on that angle, Leslie Eastman at Temple of Mut has a great inverse Obama/Reagan Time mag. cover graphic and a hilarious fictitious back-and-forth between the Gipper and the Wealth-Distributor himself.

Greasy-haired race-baiting Charlatan-Sharpton conveys the urgency of yesterday's vote (before results were out):

Classic! I guess they have "more to go" to steal Sharpton's lingo. More discussion over at Memeorandum.

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