Toilet Art About Sums it Up

By the Left Coast Rebel

Some cheery chap in Carlsbad, California decided to express his frustration over Teh One's purposeful Cloward-Piven mismanagement of our once-great free market economy:


It may be a bit coarse (what's wrong with that?), but I'd say that just about sums it up. It's telling to see "art" like this in an area of the country (coastal California) that typically features hippie/commie/greenie-weenie expression.

The anger and fear is palpable.

Readers of this blog know that blame doesn't just lay at the Chairman's feet as the disaster-in-the-making that we are all unfortunately witnessing is an inevitable result of the progressive/socialist government model overall, one that American pols and "intellectuals" have been flirting with for 3/4 of a century.

Nevertheless, and most certainly, Obama has been the one to "seal the deal" so to speak.

A Brit named Janet Daley writes on this, this morning in The Telegraph, here's a snippet:

The Tea Party faction within the Republican party was demanding that, before any further steps were taken, there must be a debate about where all this was going. They had seen the future toward which they were being pushed, and it didn’t work. They were convinced that the entitlement culture and benefits programmes which the Democrats were determined to preserve and extend with tax rises could only lead to the diminution of that robust economic freedom that had created the American historical miracle.
Read the rest of the piece at this link.

A little note about me: I have been absent from LCR because of several different factors. I plan on scaling back in and hope to be back full-steam shortly. I've been freelance writing full-time and been busier than any point in my life in the last three years.

I truly appreciate the efforts the patriots Proof, RightKlik, Rational Nation, the Libertarian Patriot and War Planner have put forth here in my absence. You guys rock!


  1. Obama certainly did put our economy in the crapper.

  2. Let us not forget that GWB was a profligate spender as well who certainly, and heavily contributed to the mess we are currently in. Compassionate Conservative is just code for neo liberalism. Tat and another way of putting lipstick on a pig.

    That aside {after all it's Obama's mess now and he has made it worse} lets hope his replacement in 2013 actually understands the values of real conservatism/libertarianism.

    AKA, Goldwater and Buckley...

  3. Got ya @RationalNationUSA

    Bush did sound the alarm before the financial crisis though and the Dems response was that Fannie and Freddie is okay, there's nothing to worry about. Most of the policies which caused the crisis were Democratic policies. I'm not saying that Bush wasn't a big spender cause he was just pointing out what he had to deal with at the time.

  4. I've seen worse get NEA grants. Any chance he'll get one too? With this evil man in the WH, I seriously doubt. There's no piss on a cross (or the Star of David for that matter) in there, though it would be appropriate since this is the most pro-Muslim, pro-terrorist, and anti-Christian and -jewish president in history.


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