The Tea Party KKK Jihad

Neo-Confederate Tea Party Extremist, Tim Scott

I don't think I've seen pandemic Progressive psychosis of this sort since the Reagan years.

Patterned after the contents of their most irrational fears, the left has engineered a chimeric misrepresentation of the average Tea Partier, a creature who is part neo-confederate Klansman, part jihadist suicide bomber.

Michael Lind covers the Klansman angle at Salon:
Today's Tea Party movement is merely the latest of a series of attacks on American democracy by the white Southern minority, which for more than two centuries has not hesitated to paralyze, sabotage or, in the case of the Civil War, destroy American democracy in order to get their way...

The fact that Tea Party conservatism speaks with a pronounced Southern drawl may have escaped the attention of the mainstream media, but it is obvious to members of Congress who have to try to work with these disproportionately-Southern fanatics. One is Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California. As a guest on a radio show, she mocked the Southern accent of the typical congressional Tea Party caucus member...
Relying on indirect and arbitrary measures of the Tea Party's demographic composition, Michael Lind and his ignorant ilk conjur up a fictional Tea Party, just one redneck short of a massive, unstoppable lynch mob:
...while there may be Tea Party sympathizers throughout the country, in the House of Representatives the Tea Party faction that has used the debt ceiling issue to plunge the nation into crisis is overwhelmingly Southern in its origins...

The four states with the most Tea Party representatives in Congress are all former members of the Confederate States of America...
The rest of the Tea Party cohort, Lind argues, is comprised largely of transplanted Southern crackers:
If states with significant white Southern diasporas were included, the Southern proportion of the House Tea Party caucus would be even bigger. Many of the other states with Tea Party representatives are border states with significant Southern populations and Southern ties.
With his conveniently flexible definitions of "Southern" and "Tea Party," Lind is coming dangerously close to building an unfalsifiable hypothesis.

Analyzing the hysterical rhetoric of Michael Lind (and a sex-obsessed word salad offered up byAmanda Marcotte), Robert Stacy McCain identifies the elements of psychosis:
So it’s neo-Confederates and/or “sex panic” that cause people to, uh . . . . Wait, what are we talking about? The federal debt.

The only way to exempt yourself from these bizarre accusations is to support infinite deficit spending. Otherwise, you’re like a giant inkblot in a Rorshach test, onto which Michael Lind and Amanda Marcotte will project their paranoid fears.
I won't beat the dead horse with an in-depth discussion of the Left's growing fear of Tea Party Jihad. Suffice it to say that the fact that these delusional obsessions are openly discussed in the New York Times illustrates how hard mainstream lefties have been hit by their pandemic of psychopathology.

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  1. Media spin at it's lowest form?

  2. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. It turns you into a paranoid psychopath.

  3. @John

    It's even worse than spin now. It's partisan propaganda.


    The Left has driven out all the voices of reason. They only listen to the voices in their heads now.


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