Spending Down, Taxes Cut, Credit Rating Up

Florida shows the way:
While the United States credit rating with Standard & Poor's may have been downgraded recently, Florida's jumped from AA+ to AAA.

S&P upgraded Florida in July, which means now the state can refinance its old debt, thereby saving millions of dollars. Since July Florida has refinanced $1.5 billion in bonds, totaling $135 million in savings for the state...

Tax reductions and state budget cuts were the keys to Governor Rick Scott convincing S&P to upgrate Florida's credit rating.
The GOP still has a long way to go to redeem itself in the eyes of fiscal conservatives, but at least a few GOP governors have shown that they've mastered basic math.

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  1. These new guys -- Kasich among them -- are the next generation of fiscal conservative leadership. I don't know much about Florida's Governor but like what I see.


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